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Jul 30, 2019

20 People Who Are Way Too Smart to Have a Hard Life

People are ready to do anything to make their lives easier. Of course, if there were no such people in the world, we would probably still be cooking food on fire in the forest. But some people are looking too far for simple solutions. That’s why we have photos of people heating up a pizza on irons, dogs licking peanut butter from walls while taking a bath, and some other pretty crazy stuff.
1. This guy probably never pays for excess luggage. But we think he should have enough money to pay a big fine.

2. No time to explain, just put this sausage in your pocket!

3. When you hate both puddles and rubber boots:

4. A life hack for people who are all out of ideas:

5. Just don’t forget to clean the iron next time you use it.

6. Warning: the impression on the girl might be way too strong.

7. Homemade hedge trimmer.

8. The best thief protection device ever.

9. How to make a child more inventive? Prohibit them from using a smartphone while they do their homework.

10. And until such bags are invented, they need to use newspapers to reduce the noise.

11. We all want to believe that he’s just sentimental.

12. And you don’t need a mechanic!

13. Rear-view security: now you know how to avoid being watched.

14. We’re not sure if this is a start-up or a tv-series script…

15. This is how you can replace a coin to get a shopping cart.

16. “I hate it when you run out of toilet paper.”
“Say no more!”

17. A life hack you should show to your girlfriend:

18. This is both cute and evil.

19. This is how you find a place in a crowded subway car.

20. With this approach, you don’t need 21 days to develop a habit.

Do you have your own life hacks you’ve never told anyone about because you thought they were too weird?

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