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Jun 3, 2019

Woman Uses Photo Of Her Dog To Perfectly Shut Down The Myth That Rape Is A Woman’s Fault

By Nyanchama

She shared a photo of her dog next to a plate of food on Facebook and it went viral, but not just because her dog is absolutely adorable, It went viral because of the important message she attached to the picture. Bree wrote a simple and straight forward caption that ended up being a really powerful statement on sexual assault and rape myth, using her dog and the plate of food as a metaphor, to put it into perspective for her friends and followers.

The caption read, “To the people that say women get raped due to the way they are dressed. This is my dog. His favorite food is steak. He is eye level with my plate. He won’t get any closer because I told him no. If a dog is better behaved than you are, you need to reevaluate your life. Feel free to share, my dog is adorable.”

Since then, the viral post has racked up over 206,000 likes and was shared over 323,000 times. Most of the feedback has been extremely positive, with people supporting both her message and her cute dog.

“No means no. Very simple. My kids and my dogs know that. I can leave a room and they won’t touch my food. Why, because they know what the word NO means. They were taught what the difference is between Yes and No. Men who believe they have a right or they have social issues and rape, were not brought up properly and the parents or parent ignored the warning signs.” One commenter wrote.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Bree said she decided to share the post to take a stand against victim-blaming, partly because of her own experiences with sexual assault.

“The only person to blame in a rape offense is the rapist. It was their decision to rape. People shouldn’t have to worry about what they chose to wear for fear of rape. I want people to see that this is a problem, and to stand together against victim-shaming.” She said.

“If a 4-year-old pit bull understands the word no,’ even though he is looking at something he wants so bad he is literally drooling, then adults should understand ‘no,’ no matter how the other adult is dressed… How is it that a simple-minded animal has the ability to understand better than a large part of the adult population?” She added.

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