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Jun 24, 2019

The First Thing You See Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

Here we present an image, do not think much and answer what was the first thing that caught your attention? What did you get first?

Then, slide down and find the result of what you saw first.
If the first thing you saw was …

1. Butterfly

If you have ever seen the butterfly, it shows that you have a careless mind and that you like meeting people. A butterfly represents freedom and dreams. When you see it for the first time, you value your freedom and work tirelessly to achieve your big dreams.
You are the kind of person who can talk to anyone and make it nice to talk to you.
Your friends like to hang out with you because you are the soul of the party. You always take the opportunity to have fun and make sure your partner has fun too. Your extroversion means that you have a lot of friends and there is almost nothing you have not tried.
But being the careless soul that you are brings your problems. Your love for your freedom is constantly judged irresponsible. You do not like confrontations and this makes your relationships tense when others tell you that you never speak seriously.
Your love of trying new things may have already caused you problems and maybe even new ones. But despite being carefree, you know what you are worth and are ready to think about it. In love, you do it with every fiber of your being and you are not afraid to show it.

2. The two faces

If you saw both sides first, it shows that there are two faces. On the one hand, you like to be surrounded by friends and family members. You can not make everyone laugh all the time, but when you talk, they listen. You can not smile often, but when you do, it seems that those around you can not take your eyes off.
On the other hand, you also prefer to be alone and do the things you like to do. With loneliness, we do not resemble ourselves alone. Depending on the situation you are in, you decide whether you want to make contacts or just want to be alone. You are extremely honest and prefer to tell the truth whenever you can.
However, people may consider you gruff and detached because they only see one side of you. They start from some things that are not true because they do not know your other side. In general, you are a very reserved person and do not share emotional things until you are comfortable with someone. However, people see you as a safe person and have problems. You are very competent because you want to learn and satisfy your curiosity. Your partner and you respect yourself. Although you do not enjoy physical intimacy so often, your partner is always close to you and knows that you love him or her.

3. Two growing moons

When you first see rising moons, others normally treat you as an introvert. Being alone does not mean that you do not want to maintain a relationship, you only prefer your own business. Whether you are walking alone in a cafeteria or traveling alone, you can find peace.
Like the moon, you will shine with splendor and you will have a good head on the shoulders. Your imagination is extremely vivid and, therefore, it is very easy to create whole worlds very different from the real world. It often seems like your head is in the clouds. But that does not stop you from being attentive.
You can make good decisions because you are watching the world around you. The small nuances and the reading between the lines give you a clear idea of ​​what is really happening. Faced with your ingenious observations and in-depth knowledge, those close to you often wonder why many people do not see this side of you. Your friends and family may want you out of their sheath more often, but you know you need that time alone. Therefore, they appreciate the time you spend with them.
In love, you choose a partner who likes to do things alone when he is together. You may have had bad experiences, but you are the kind of person who has always had the courage to pick up broken parts of the ground.

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