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Apr 26, 2019

What You See First Reveals A Lot About Your Current Personal Nature

What we first perceive when looking at a picture can reveal interesting aspects of our personalities and of the way our mind processes information. As famous actor turned artist Jim Carrey said, “Our eyes are not viewers, they’re also projectors that are running a second story over the picture that we see in front of us all the time.”
Take a look at the following beautiful painting by artist Rafal Olbinski in this fun personality test and pay attention to what you see first when you look at the picture. Then read on to find out what he says about you.
What You See First Reveals A Lot About Your Current Personal Nature

1. The Flower

If you first saw the flower when looking at the picture, it represents your great ability to listen and to find the truly important things in life. The flower is the woman’s ear in the picture and is also a symbol of great beauty. Your compassionate personality drives you to listen and serve the people around you as they struggle. This tacit but gentle love that you radiate gives you a natural beauty that others put on the level of the heart.
The golden flower is also a symbol of spiritual awakening, and it’s possible a deep part of your innermost being has opened, bringing light and peace into your life. Your great ability to listen translates into a great ability to know yourself within as well. By allowing your mind to become quiet, possibly while listening to relaxing and peaceful music, you are able to hear the quiet whispers of your heart, and they are leading you to a life that is truly beautiful and meaningful.

2. The Harp

If you first saw the harp in this image, it represents your deep desire for inner beauty, healing, and love. The Harp has long been a symbol of angelic grace and beauty, dating back to ancient Greece where deities were often portrayed playing harp-like instruments called lyres. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once wrote, “Music is well said to be the speech of the angels.”
Your inner yearning for deep and beautiful love is sometimes satisfied when listening to beautiful and peaceful music. While it’s natural to search outside of ourselves to satisfy our desires, the love you are looking for is already inside of you. Inner love is the unconditional acceptance of all aspects of oneself. the good parts, the parts we do not like and all the rest. The more you train to accept all your feelings as acceptable and to be kind parts of yourself, the more you will experience and embody that inner love and sweetness that you desire so much.

3. The Woman’s Face

If you first saw the woman’s face in the picture, it means that you have gone through a challenging and imperfect life, yet have emerged a beautiful human being. The woman’s face is made from the outline of the harp, a musical instrument often associated with angelic grace and beauty. Inner love and beauty define you, and you’ve grown through many difficult circumstances from your past.
The woman’s beautiful hair is made from two broken strings from the harp, representing the ability to see the beauty within imperfections and “flaws.” You accept yourself for who you are, you’re real, and you genuinely love and have a very healthy level of compassion for yourself. You’ve likely succeeded in many areas of your life, and now your gaze is now set forward to help others and to heal the world. Their qualities of inner love and acceptance can be of great help to those who are still in love with themselves or who have negative self-esteem and who are too critical. Plant your love seeds in your environment, your kindness will help others much more than you know.
Was the meaning behind what you saw first true for you?
Let us know in the comments.
Have a beautiful rest of your day.
You are loved.

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