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Apr 12, 2019

This Is What Kind Of Woman You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

#1 Aries

Aries women are women of power and control. They are the leaders of their packs and the trendsetters. They are also aware of the power they have within which they use with utmost care and discretion. Aries women, therefore, know the consequences of their actions and rarely do they force their strengths on others. They always lead by example and when they shine, the world watches in awe!

#2 Taurus

Taurean women have the strength of will and character. Headstrong and driven, they are usually the ones with courage and the guts to defend their thoughts and those they love. Caring, by nature, they are the ones who go out of their way to help those in need and there are very few who can love as deeply and as unconditionally as they do. When they fight, the world stops and when they love, the world admires.

#3 Gemini

Gemini women are the creators and thinkers of the world. Bubbling with ideas, they are really the ones who think out of the box. They are not only highly resourceful but also have the imagination to match their ideas with their capabilities. They never dominate, but they do so not because they are weak but because they know their strengths and use them with care. It is when they unleash their ideas that creation springs and the world marvels at the beauty of their thoughts.

#4 Cancer

Cancer women are the enigma that few can understand. Fluid in their thoughts, they can be passionate and fierce on the one hand, while caring and generous on the other. They are the ones who can guard a secret with their lives and there’s nothing more important to them than loyalty. It is when they love that their ferocity comes to fore and when they hate that their wrath could be witnessed. Try guessing what’s on their mind and your failure would be spectacular.

#5 Leo

Leo women are visionaries and the leaders of the world. Highly driven, by nature, they never stop until they have reached their goals. They are known to set new standards and set new benchmarks for others to look up to and their performance is never less than outstanding. They are the ones who would take people along with them in success and would be gracious as queens in failure. The perfect blend of quality and modesty, their personalities have a grace which not many can match and most lovingly admire.

#6 Virgo

Virgo women are women with true and multiple virtues. They are the ones who would always choose the right thing to do over the easier option. Helpful, loving and kind-hearted by nature, they possess the souls of angels. They can break, get hurt and even get lost but they would always fight their way back. They have a heart of gold and if it bleeds, it bleeds for the loss of others. Beautiful people? Of course, they are.

#7 Libra

Libra women are intelligent, sophisticated and witty by nature. They have a sense of humor which also indicates a higher level of intellect and understanding. They always approach life with balance and firmly control their emotions. They usually have a lot of self-confidence which makes sure that they know exactly what they want in their lives and this is the confidence that sets them apart from the ordinary crowd.

#8 Scorpio

Scorpion women have a strong personality. They are sharp, alert and always know who and what they are. Never a lier, their honesty could hurt but once you know their nature, you cannot help but fall for them, for their sincerity in life. True lovers and straightforward speakers, they would rather hurt you with the truth than sugar coat a lie. Not everyone can handle their personality and it does take someone special to understand who they really are.

#9 Sagittarius

Sagittarian women are emotional wizards. They are very sensitive and have a deep understanding of emotions (theirs and others). They are empaths and can easily put themselves in your shoes to understand your thoughts like it were theirs. However, they only allow a few people to see their true emotions as they guard their own thoughts with ferocity. Since not everyone can understand the depths of their thoughts, they prefer keeping it to themselves but if they let you in, understand that you are special.

#10 Capricorn

Capricorn women are independent, self-aware, and thoughtful by nature. Their self-esteem is perfect and they have no delusions about themselves. They know their strengths and weaknesses very well and know exactly what to expect from life. It is their inner beauty which inspires others and there are very few who can know their souls quite as well as they do. So, when they speak, listen…they speak from their souls.

#11 Aquarius

Aquarian women are fighters and dreamers. Restless in their ambitions, they are internally driven to make it big in the world. Watching them in action is truly a sight to behold as they dance beautifully to their glorious tunes. Ruthless, driven, and highly ambitious, they would be the one to shape the new world when the day comes. And what a world that would be!

#12 Pisces

Piscean women are truly the fountains of love, honesty, and generosity. They are built of nothing but love. They are sensitive and very emotional, but they keep their feelings for themselves. They fight and cry, but they would never show that they are hurt. Instead, they would reach out to the hurting souls to succor them and give them their own love. When the world will find itself broken and tired, Piscean women would be the ones to heal them back to whole.

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