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Apr 19, 2019

This Groom Stopped His Wedding To Address Another Woman

When you’re organizing an event as big as a wedding, there’s a lot that can go wrong. The stress of planning a wedding can make anyone involved go crazy. However, there are multiple occasions where the bride or groom is the one to make things messy. There are plenty of horror stories to read about across the internet, as brides or grooms leave their intended at the altar for whatever reason. Jessica had spent months planning for her wedding to Jefferson, and every detail seemed to be in place. However, after she walked down the aisle, she discover he was hiding a secret the whole time. Once he’d showed his cards, there was no looking back…

The Moment Of Truth

As exciting as weddings can be, they’re also an event that can quickly become nerve-wracking. After all, committing to someone for life is a big deal. There’s always unexpected baggage that comes up in a marriage, but this Portuguese couple was surprised by what happened at their wedding.

The groom, Jefferson, nervously adjusted the tie as he held the mic to his mouth. It was time for his speech. With his bride standing before him, he wondered if he was making a big mistake…

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