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Apr 12, 2019

Online Stores Cut Ties With Mom After She Caught Kicking Her 3yo Model Daughter

3-year-old Niu Niu is a popular model among multiple clothing brands on China's commence platform.

Her mother has been accused of child abuse after she was spotted kicking Niu Niu in public.
In the first clip, she can be heard saying:
I'll kick you to death, do you believe it? pick up the flower right now, don't piss me off during shooting.
The footage was recorded in Hangzhou, China - allegedly after the girl had been working all day as a model on 6 Apr, 2019.
Niu Niu has been working for about six months and it has been reported that her mother has been overworking her recently.
All of the online stores associated with Niu Niu pulled the photos and videos from their sites after the video surfaced. 110 online stores signed a petition to advocate for child model welfare. People called it "all show and no substance" because there's no regulations and no law to enforce.
Niu Niu's mother posted a response, in which she claimed that she had not intended to hurt her daughter and she kicked the three-year-old because she was running too close to the road. (It's an outdoor studio, there's no road.) She believes the footage is taken by other showbiz parents, who are jealous of Niu Niu's success.
She said: "No parent could claim that they have never beaten their child. I rarely beat my child normally." She claimed that Niu Niu did not sustain any injuries from being kicked, therefore she didn't cry.
She also feels bullied as clothing stores are not gonna work with he again.
More footages surfaced by photographers who work with them before.
Another footage, taken in March 2019, shows that she threatens and hits Niu Niu, with a coat hanger.

Third footage shows that she said, "say hello, quick, say hello. Smile for me. Shake your bum. Swirl," and Niu Niu immediately switches her facial expression to work mode.

One shop owner who has worked with her told BJ news she has been forced to go along to lots of jobs by her mom, "they are usually required to complete one shoot within four minutes, or 15 shoots in an hour."
Another photographer said Niu Niu, who worked from 9am to 6pm got punched on the back because she was tired and couldn't keep her back straight. Another photographers Niu Niu's case is very common in the industry.
"There are a lot of pushy moms like this, some even restraint sleeping hours to stop them from growing too tall. They can't be a child model anymore if they're taller than 130cm."
According to chat history, Niu Niu modelled for 400 clothes within 4 days. Child models like her can earn RMB $5,000 - $10,000 (US$744 - $1400) per day. The most popular one can earn enough to buy a house within 1 year.

In an interview, reported asked if she likes taking photos or wearing fancy clothes, Niu Niu said no, she prefers running. Her mom said Niu Niu was joking.

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