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Mar 9, 2019

Leave a Glass of Salt Water and Vinegar to Detect Negative Energy in Your Home

We all have felt negative and positive vibes from people quite a few times in our life. Even though science is not ready to put a name to it, emotional energy is very real and important like the thermal energy or potential energy of matter.
Well, energy is not just the aura around us and allows us connect to other people. It’s not just people who can give you a positive or negative feeling; it can be matter as well. Objects and places can hold energy and we can feel them later.

You must have, at least once, experienced a sudden and powerful emotion when you walk into a room. It could be light, happy and charming which would make you feel all good and positive, or it could be a dark and weird sensation, of something not being quite right which would leave you confused and a little down than before you entered the room.
Sound familiar to you? As I said, it happens to all of us and we generally dismiss it as an overactive imagination or somehow find an excuse to explain away this sudden overpowering feeling. But the truth is, such experience is not a figment of our imagination and it doesn’t happen because there was ‘something not quite right with the morning coffee’.
What you experience in such instances is residual energy that sticks to objects. Sounds a little bit crazy right? How can energy get stuck to things?
But did you know that inanimate objects, people and even empty spaces can retain energy, or rather the residue of the original energy that was felt in the vicinity. Energy can attach itself to everything and anyone and stay there for many years unless it is cleansed.

In the same way, you might not even realize it but there is a possibility that a lot of old energy, negative energy at that, is sort of trapped inside your house and cannot escape. It keeps acting on you and your family and that just created even more negative energy.
This energy could have been your own, when you were under a lot of stress from work and lashing out on everything that moved on two legs, or this residual energy could belong to the couple who occupied that place before you. As mentioned before, it can linger on for years and years if not attended to. So how do we make it go away?
As you might know, it has been successfully demonstrated that our emotional energy has a concrete and recordable effect on water. When we shout at our loved ones our negative energy impacts the water in their body, so you might want to avoid doing that in the future. Anyway, from that knowledge, we can do a simple experiment that can lift off the bad energy from your home.

Below is a really cool related experiment to try out for yourself.

Negative Energy Water Trap

2 tablespoons white vinegar
2 teaspoons granulated salt
16 ounces filtered water
Get a clear glass and add all of the ingredients and mix well for 60 seconds. Position the glass in a place you spend a lot of time and leave it there for 1 complete day. Check to see if the salt is rising, once it stops it has captured all of the negative energy and you can cleanse another area of the house.

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