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Mar 9, 2019

I Wanted To Be An Artist SINCE I WAS 2 , Here Is What I Have Drawn By Age 16

I’m Dusan Krtolica, 16, and my passion in life is drawing. Living in Serbia, I get inspiration from the nature around me. My biggest fascination is with animals, the number of different species and their ability to adapt to different environments.

At 2, I first began drawing. Since then, I have attended TV programs to discuss my art, and I’ve given six exhibitions featuring just my drawing. At thirteen, I authored and created all the illustrations for a ‘Prehistoric World’ encyclopedia, and this was published within Serbia. This encyclopedia has been translated since then to English, and I’m trying to find a publisher for it.

My art has attracted a lot of interest so I can sell my creations around the world. I am happier that the people who buy my pictures are also friends.

I was four when my mom and dad decided I would attend art classes

In 2011, I was eight. These were my creations:

Art I created when I was nine

Art I created when I was ten

Art I created when I was twelve

‘The Labors of Hercules’, which I created at thirteen

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