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Mar 11, 2019

7 fashion tips to help you shine.

1. Dressing up in all-black.

1. Going Black Head To Toe

It’s a widespread belief that dark clothes make you look thinner. It is true but not if you cover yourself all totally.
You need to balance out the colours. I would suggest if you have a bigger torso than your leggers, wear a knee-length dress. Switch it up among skirts, pants, longer tops, or crop tops but never go head to toe black it makes nulls out all your features and does not help blur out those edges that you would like to look thinner. If you combine colours, it will give an illusion of a thinner body type.

2. Wearing Clothes Bigger Than Your Size

2. Wearing Clothes Bigger Than Your Size
This is a big NO NO in the fashion world. Always wear clothes that fit you perfectly. Your clothes must be tailored to the T. Even you undergarments must be the right size, wearing anything more significant has an awful effect. Even when you lose weight get your clothes altered.

3. Wriggling Into Long Skirts

3. Wriggling Into Long Skirts
Long skirts are lovely. It’s something I love too. However, no matter how comfortable and fashionable they may look try avoiding them once you get to your later 20s. It adds volume to your legs and makes them look bulky. Instead, go for knee length skirts, they make you look businesslike, fashionable, younger or matured whatever you want pick the right one for your purpose.

4. Eyeglass trends.

4. Putting On The Wrong Frames
Thin glasses are behind us now; bold eyeglasses are the new trend.
Here’s a little tip. If you think thin eye frames make you look good. Get a few pieces of advice from professionals and continue. Honestly, I am not a big fan of following trends. If so something looks good on you, go with it girl.

5. Not Shopping For Your Age

Looking younger is a fascination. However, I would recommend it is better if your dressage. Its way more attractive when you glam up the age you are in. Buy dresses of your age, not those that are meant for teenagers. Accessories are essential as well. It makes a whole lot of difference.

6.  Shoes that are not intended for you.

The pair of shoes you wear is essential. It can go from making you look chic and fashionable to old and fat. Always find the right size of shoe. It is crucial that you shop for shoes when you are not tired. Swollen feet can make you choose the wrong pair of shoes, and fashion comes only when you are comfortable. However, do not go for an unflattering pair, get proper recommendations from the store helpers.

7. Wrapping A Silk Scarf

7. Wrapping A Silk Scarf
The silk scarf is only useful if you are going to a retro theme party or at the most if you live near the equator, it can save you from the sun. However other than its no more trendy. It is not one of my personal favourites as well. It can age you and your features. Unless you look extraordinary well in it, which I am sure can’t be the case leave it back in your closet.

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