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Feb 26, 2019

The Sims Mobile – Fashionista Update

The Sims Mobile will be getting a major overhaul, mainly on the CAS side of the game.
This article was made possible through the Game Changes program from EA. We didn’t get hands on early access to this new update yet, the information is from screenshots and videos from SimGuruFrost.

No information yet on a similar overhaul for Build/buy, but who knows what they have in store for us later.
For now, lets dive in the Fashionista Update, that is being released as we speak! (May vary per region or phone when it will appear in the store for you)

Create a Sim 2.0

Like we mentioned above, CAS will be getting a major update. Not only is the background different, the way items are listed is different as well.
You can now access Create a Sim directly from the main game.

You’ll see a few different tabs in your screen. On the left: DNA, Closet and Shop. Let’s look a little deeper into that.


DNA is where you change the structure of your sim. This part is also completely renewed, gone are the sliders that you can move up and down (still no undo button though)
You can change everything you could before, but it now just looks a little different. Something that is added which is super helpful, is that when you change body shape of your Sims, they remove the clothing (except for underwear of course, it’s still not rated R  )


In the closet you can find all the clothing you own, through purchase or through events as rewards.
There is a subdivision here to make it easier to find stuff that are part of a group/set. Which is now called “Brands”.
Brands like SulSul Lime, Sloth Cloth, Elixer and a few more. But if you find it easier to look for clothing per category, like tops, full outfits, bottoms etc, there’s a tab for that as well.


Shop works similar to the Closet, but this will also show the items you don’t own, as well as the items you do.
There’s the same categories, and brands. There’s even a brand that groups all the clothing that can be unlocked through stories in one place.


Not only did Create A Sim get a makeover, you can now also makeover townies, toddlers, children and elders! You can’t makeover Sims from other players though.
These Sims will start out with a few free CAS options, but you can purchase new items for them as well. Heirloom tickets will disappear and be replaced by Life Tickets, which you will need to give makeovers to these Sims. But this fee will be waived if you purchase a new item in the Shop.

Birthdays and retirement

The way Sims grow older has been changed as well. When you have a toddler or child in your game, it will still prompt the blue birthday cake above their head when they are ready to grow up. New however is that you can opt not to have them grow up just yet. The cake will then disappear, and you’ll have the option to age them up when you click on them for interactions.

Similar to retirement. You can now click to “Not right now”, and choose your own moment when to retire your Sims

In addition, it’s now possible to have multiple babies at once! You just need to have more than one bassinet to make this possible. If your house gets too full with Sims, you can remove any Sim.

New Career

There is a new Stylist story added called “A Cut Above”! But in order to get this story, you must first complete the “Trending now” fashion story.
Once you’ve completed that, you can buy and place the stylist chair in the Fashion studio on Market Square. In addition there is also a companion story for special items

And that was mainly it for this big update! There are also a few updates on the stories, to make the progress a little bit more clear to us players, as well as a bug where offspring just refused to grow up, should be fixed.
Let us know what you think of this update or share screenshots of your game when you have the new update!

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