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Feb 11, 2019

Single dad criticized for bringing daughter to work

Single dad criticized for bringing daughter to work

A Texas entrepreneur wants everyone to know that "single dads deserve a break too."

The statement comes after a prospective client criticized him for bringing his 5-year-old daughter to work.

Richard Miley posted about the encounter on social media and many people came to his defense.

Miley started his power washing company in 2018, but he said it comes with many challenges.

His biggest challenge is having to sometimes bring his daughter to work after her mother passed away a year ago.

During the off-season, Miley said his daughter Ashtyn hands out cards on job sites and sits in the car or inside of a client's home.

But a few days ago, a client criticized him. Instead of responding, Miley took to Facebook.

Suddenly, new clients started calling, including a pizza shop owner who said he was touched by Miley's story.

"I don't mean to make any money off of my daughter," Miley said. "That wasn't the goal of this. That's kind of what happened. But in the same sense, it opened a lot of people's eyes that single dads have it rough too."

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