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Feb 21, 2019

Pick A Feather And We’ll Reveal What You Truly Desire

What you choose is based on who you are and what you wish to be. Your choice, therefore, would reveal what you desire the most.

#1 Stability

If this is the feather of your choice, then you are someone who is tired of being tired. You have been working way too hard for way too long to be where you are but the pressure is relentless. No matter how much you work you just don’t feel secure.
Your choice reflects your desire to find a stable platform to build your life on. You desire calm and strength to find the stability that gives you the peace of mind you want. The feather reflects stable patterns of colors which indeed attracted you towards itself.

#2 Colors

If this is the feather of your choice, then you are someone who feels the blues and is emotionally constrained. Your life has been lived in the gray zone and you feel a little tired of all the negativity around you.
Your choice reflects your inner desire to add color to your life. You want a splash of positivity and a dash of spunk in your life. The colorful and bright nature of the feather is what attracted you as you desire the same brightness to prevail in your life. You no longer wish to be surrounded by any sort of energy-sapping entities.

#3 Simplicity

If this is the feather of your choice then you will feel trapped by the complexity of your life. There is just way too much going on around you and you feel the overwhelming nature of changes suffocating you. You are desperately seeking simpler times.
Your choice shows that you have had enough of non-sense, manipulations, lies, deceit, and betrayals. All you desire is a peaceful life with simplicity to boot. Your choice of the simple yet elegant feather reflects the very same desire.

#4 Focus

If this is the feather of your choice then you are someone who is distracted and unable to complete the task at hand quite often. You do initiate certain things but you discard them mid-way. Your mind is all over the place and you feel bored quite easily.
Your choice reflects that you desire a sense of concentration and focus in your life in order to fulfill tasks and find closure. The feather of your choice has a concentration of color at the top and it is this mark that attracted your attention. You wish to gain more focus and aim better in life as if aiming for the eye of a fish.

#5 Variety

If this is the feather of your choice then you are someone who is stuck in a rut. You have been doing pretty much the same things over and over again and you feel that you desperately need some sort of newness or novelty in your life.
Your choice reflects that you seek diversity in your thoughts and the things that you do. The multiple colors of the feather attracted you because of the variation in the colors reflecting your inner desires. It may be your personal life or maybe your work, but you do need a mixed bag of something new to rejuvenate your senses.

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