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Feb 20, 2019

LetsGoDigital Brings Exclusive 3D Renders From Foldable iPhone Patent

Foldable Apple phone
Last week, a new patent from Apple was published in the USPTO database. In this patent, an iPhone with a flexible display was shown. You can expand and expand the smartphone. This is not a design where the smartphone unfolds into a tablet, as manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei seem to prefer. It is a clamshell smartphone design.

Apple is not the only one that seems to opt for foldable phone design. Motorola will most likely introduce the same type of smartphone on MWC 2019, this folding phone will most likely be released under the brand name Motorola Razr - you'll remember them, those popular clamshells from 15 years ago.
Foldable iPhone with a clamshell design
Just like any foldable smartphone, the device can be folded in and out. It is striking that no bezels are shown on the patent images, it seems to be a full-screen smartphone. In addition, however, I must mention that Apple always uses significantly simpler patent sketches than most other competitors. We do not expect that Apple's first foldable iPhone will be completely bezel-less. Unless the company is waiting for years with its introduction, of course ...

By choosing an elongated telephone design in an open folded position, you can operate the mobile device with one hand. It is striking that the smartphone can bend in two directions. The device can be folded in, after which you have an almost square telephone at your disposal that you can easily carry in your pocket.

You can also bend the flexible display of the Apple iPhone backwards, allowing you to position the foldable smartphone as a stand. So it is theoretically possible to use the smartphone with two people at the same time. For example, one looks at a YouTube video, while the other checks his mail.

LetsGoDigital Brings Exclusive 3D Renders From Foldable iPhone Patent

Apple folding smartphone
The cameras are placed in the upper part of the housing, as is clear from the patent description. However, the documentation does not focus on the number of cameras. For the 3D renders, they opted for a single front camera and a double camera at the rear. This configuration will be used by more smartphone manufacturers, so is the general expectation. Incidentally, the positioning of the dual camera will probably be on the top left side of the device, instead of on the right as seen on our renders.

At the bottom, there is space for a connection to charge the device. The iPhone XS and XR models are still equipped with a Lighting cable. However, it has been discussed for some times that Apple would intend to use USB Type C. 

Source: letsgodigital

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