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Feb 8, 2019

Items You Might Have Forgotten Exist in The Sims 4

During the original release of The Sims 4 on PC, the Sims team gave players a special plumbob-shaped lamp to players for each expansion pack they owned as well as the base game. Each lamp gives off an emotional aura, such as an inspiring aura for the one from Ambitions, or a focused aura for the one from Into the Future. And any player who had all eleven expansion packs for The Sims 3 also received a special golden statue, which features a llama and the iconic Freezer Bunny.
It seems like everyone forgets about these lamps, though, since people new to the Sims franchise aren’t able to get them. And besides, they aren’t the most practical lighting sources ever. But they look really nice as collectible items!

The bonsai tree is a potted plant that can be placed in your sims’ homes, but unlike other plants, your sims can interact with it. If your sim’s creativity skill is high enough, they can trim different shapes into it, giving the tree a fresh new look. They can even be grown in the ground for those who are into gardening.
I think the thing that makes simmers forget about this item is that it blends in too much with other plants, and many players don’t realize that you can interact with it. It’s a fun item to use if you want your sim to have a little more influence on the decorations in their living space.
There are several cameras that come with Get to Work and Get Famous, but only the three digital cameras that come with Get to Work are portable and can be used to take a picture of pretty much anything. Using a digital camera can obviously increase your sim’s photography skill, and they come with all sorts of features and filters for you to play around with.
So why is such a useful object so forgettable? Well, even though photography was a new skill introduced in Get to Work, it eventually became added into the base game, which eliminated the need for digital cameras. Instead, sims can post selfies, cat photos, and other pictures and upload them to Simstagram straight from their cell phones… kind of like real life!
 A bottle of bubbles does exactly what you would expect it to do. Your sims, young and old, can play with them and, well, blow bubbles. You can buy a bottle of bubbles in buy mode, but you might also see them for sale at a flea market in San Myshuno with the City Living expansion pack.
The bubble bottle is such a minor thing in the game that it is easy to forget about. It’s kind of strange that an entire new animation was created for this even though it really doesn’t have to do with City Living at all. Oh well, it’s a cute little thing to have in the game regardless.
 Both Spa Day and Backyard Stuff include a drink tray, which can be placed on a table to easily put out a set of six drinks, such as frizzy fruity drinks, iced tea, and lemonade.
The idea of a drink tray to easily put out refreshments for a party of people is good, but it doesn’t feel very practical sometimes. Drinks can just be made at a bar or taken from the fridge, so putting out a tray can be an afterthought. And besides, you have to spend simoleons on the drinks you put out in addition to the tray itself, so it’s not like it is a money-saver. It could be argued that it is a bit of a time-saver, though, since the drinks will appear on the tray immediately after you buy them.
 The Future Cube acts a lot like a magic 8 ball, telling the fortune of those who shake it. Using this object can boost a sim’s mood if it gives a good fortune, but it can also give them a negative moodlet if it gives them a bad fortune. That means that a sim can get a flirty emotion if the cube sees love in their future, but it can also make a sim tense if it tells them they are not creative.
This object has a few cool features, despite it not really directly relating to any activity or skill in the game. It just looks like a random square in the buy mode catalog, so it is very easy to overlook when looking to purchase something new for your sims.

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