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Feb 21, 2019

Here’s What Kind Of Mom You REALLY Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign


“Sagittarius moms love nature and are certainly not ready to be couch potatoes – the first shoes she will buy for her kids are hiking boots,” says Angel. “As signs of fire, they are not known to be the most patient, but they are very nice people and when they lose control, they recover quickly.” Sagittarians also tend to be thoughtful, action-oriented and encourage their children to be optimistic and colorful. “Because Sagittarius is a sign of travel, they want to show the world to their children and teach them to broaden their horizons through hands-on learning,” she adds. “Instead of just looking for the pyramids on Google, she would take the kids with them to see them in person.”


“Capricorns are the zodiac of the zodiac, they are usually strict disciplines,” says Angel. “They always deal with boundaries and rules and regulations and tend to be very black and white.This does not mean they can not be good mothers, but they have to soften something. more loving, but they are responsible, reliable and work very hard and teach their children how important it is to earn the respect of people and make a living.A capricorn mother usually has a very strong moral compass and gives her child of clear moral values. ”


“Zodiac spirits, mothers of Aquarius, can be crazy, wild and bright, and as brains they bring intellectuality to motherhood and encourage their children to be well educated and pursue their dreams,” said Angel. Aquarians thrive on individualism and tend to be a little rebellious – and often encourage the rebel line in their children that drives them to challenge the status quo and make a difference in the world. “Normally, they want to be friends with everyone, so mothers with this sign may become more of a friend of their child than a parent, they need to assert themselves and prove they are the authority in the mix. ”


“Maybe the fish is the most impracticable of all the signs.They affect more instincts and feelings and are very sweet, kind and compassionate.They are very sensitive to the needs of their children, but we must also remind them that kids have to learn things by themselves, “said Angel.” Mothers of fish are generally creative and musical and promote the artistic efforts of their children. But they do not have a good memory and often place themselves and forget things. So there should be somebody in the mix of parents who can bring things to earth and remind them of more practical things. ”


Dominated by Mars, Rams are the most action-oriented zodiac signs. “Aries mothers are always on the move,” says Angel. “In general, they encourage their children to play sports and engage in outdoor activities and they are also present.” As mothers who do everything possible, they are known not to ask for help, she says. Aries, you must learn to delegate. “Aries women also tend to be brave and progressive and are known for their hard love, they are the least domesticated and not the most patient, so remember to count to 10.”


“Bulls are the sweetest, most caring and patient of the characters and they take care of very loving moms,” says Angel. “They are also the most materialistic sign, so a bull mother wants to surround her children with as much prosperity as she can afford, she always has money, food and housing.” She is stubborn and practical and also wants to teach his kids marketable skills when they leave the world. ”


“Twin mothers tend to be talkative and very bright, but a bit scattered,” says Angel. “They tend to be like children themselves – funny, playful, versatile, interesting and everywhere – their ruling planet is Mercury, so they can be treacherous and incoherent and must learn to be more stable and stable in education, “she says, encouraging her children to learn as much as possible.


“Cancers are the mothers of the zodiac – they are the mother of everything and everyone,” says Angel. “They are usually shy people but live in a family environment, they are often excellent cooks and teach their children the happiness of domestic life, cancer also tends to be passive and must encourage children to defend themselves. But they will turn into street fighters to protect their young, sometimes they are too cautious and can choke their children, so it’s important to learn how to give them room for growth. ”


“Leos are children in the heart and need a lot of attention, they tend to be a bit narcissistic, and although they may have good mothers, it’s important that they put their ego aside and learn to feed their child, “Angel said. “They can be dramatic, but they can also be warm, generous, and very creative, and sometimes Leos can compete with their kids and they’re not responsible, but they’re fun parents.”


“The Virgos are the zodiac maniacs, so they have to be cautious and overly critical and learn to make constructive criticisms,” says Angel. “The classic girl is a little germapobe and obsessed with cleanliness for her children, they can also be hypochondriac, so be careful not to panic every time your child coughs or has a fever.” Virgos are also known for their intelligence and practical sense and wish to share their values. “They are generally good at math and doing good business, teaching their kids to be economical and careful about their finances.”


“Libra is perhaps the most unselfish sign, which is an important characteristic for mothers, they are also gracious and grateful, so they educate their children to behave well, as well as to reflect and consider others, “said Angel,” Libra is famous for its indecision – they think about every aspect of the equation and want the best for their children. They strive to provide a good home for their children and want them to go to university and expand their horizons, both intellectually and culturally. ”


“Scorpions make excellent mothers,” says Angel. They tend to be intense, passionate and 300% committed people in things, especially when it comes to raising their kids. All-or-nothing, scorpions must often learn to accept moderation and reduce their tendency to be stubborn, suspicious and jealous. They do not dare so easily, but when they do, Scorpios is incredibly loyal. “The most alert sign, Scorpios, constantly observes and uses his eagle eyes to protect his children – but they see so much that they tend to get nervous,” says Angel. “It can teach their children how important it is to trust their instincts and connect with their creative impulses.”

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