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Feb 24, 2019

After mother cat gave birth to babies, she felt exhausted but at the same time, father cat came over and a magical and touching incident happened!

Animals also have a strong sense of attraction, but none of these feelings can be described as falling in love. We are sharing a very sweet story of an animal couple. A netizen brought up this lovely couple of a white cat and a grey cat. One day, the white cat got pregnant. Months later, she gave birth to cute baby kittens. The other moment was very surprising. After white mother cat had given birth, grey father cat came over and gave mother cat a kiss. This is the expression of love and thankfulness. Even though cats can’t speak aloud, they constantly try to find ways to communicate. “After looking at my pet cats, I began to believe in love again…..” the owner says.
The whole scene was so loving!

Even though cats can’t speak aloud, they constantly try to find ways to communicate.The netizen told that the grey father cat cared her a lot and would let her eat first. He sometimes would go out and brought some toys back for mother cat to play. They are really an adorable couple.
Their eyes show love and affection and the way they look at each other melts our heart

The father cat is proved to be a thoughtful and responsible father. Whenever he is around, he would jump into their litter and gently kiss mother cat and uses its tongue to carefully lick mother cat and his children. Father cat is playing his part very beautifully.
It is a proved that animals are able to love and to be loved like humans

Father cat is so kind towards his family. Little kittens will definitely be like their parents one day. Surely you loved this romantic cat couple story.

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