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Feb 21, 2019

5 Signs You Are Being Taken Advantage Of

Many of us tend to realize we are being taken advantage of after it’s too late. The other person used us and left us behind. We often miss the signs, because we do not really want to see them. We do not want to believe that someone we call a friend, partner, colleague or family member is capable of doing it. But people who are looking to take advantage of you often show a few simple signs.
Branding and career expert Wendi Weiner challenges those who may feel undervalued to speak up… stat! “Standing up for yourself shows empowerment and self-respect. If someone is continuously taking advantage of you, then they aren’t showing you the respect that is due and owing. You then become a doormat to the person and their expectation is they can always walk all over you,” she explains.

Here are five signs you are being taken advantage of:

1. They Don’t Honor Their Commitments

A real sign that someone is taking you for granted is that they do not respect their commitments to you. When the two of you have plans, it does not bother them one bit to cancel or stand you up. If they need anything from you, you can be sure they’ll show up. But if they do not get anything from this arrangement, they don’t mind breaking promises.

2. The Conversations Are One-Sided

You can tell if someone is really interested in you by paying attention to whether or not they listen to you. A person who is trying to take advantage of you is often eager to talk about themselves, complain about their situation and seek your sympathy. But when it’s your turn to talk, they aren’t interested in anything you have to say.

3. They Show A Lack Of Empathy

When you are with someone who does not really care about you, you’ll eventually start to notice. They will take what they need, but that’s as far as the relationship will go. They are not interested in talking to you or spending time with you. They do not want to be an ear to listen to or a shoulder to cry on and they will not give you any emotional support.

4. They Are Always Gone

Someone who is not interested in a real relationship with you won’t make it a priority to be there for you when you need them. They’ll show up when there’s something they want from you. But when you’re in need, they are nowhere to be found.

5. They Don’t Trust You

An unwarranted lack of trust toward you when you haven’t done anything wrong is often a sign that the other person is being dishonest. They won’t trust you, because they know that they aren’t being trustworthy. They are there to use you for their own personal gain, then discard you.

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