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Nov 1, 2018

Researchers Examine If The Youngest Sibling Is The Most Hilarious Family Member

Most families have who we all would consider the class clown. They are always doing or saying something funny, in some kind of manner. And, they are almost always successful at catching a laugh or two from everyone. It's likely thought that the oldest sibling of the family would be the jokester since they are older and have more experience. This simply isn't the case. Research conducted by YouGov found out that the youngest sibling mostly turns out to be the funniest. Most of the time, the oldest child feels a certain responsibility and tends to lead more of a serious life. As you know the more serious a person is, the less they kid around.
YouGov's Survey shows that families with more than one child, of the children, the oldest and youngest will have completely different personality traits. This is true in 86% of the population. The study goes on to show that more than 50% of the older siblings felt there are more responsible than their younger siblings. And with less than 50% percent, the younger siblings see themselves as easy going and more humorous.
Are you the youngest sibling? Do you find this to be true in your family? Let you siblings have a look at this and see what they think! 


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