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Nov 14, 2018

Hilarious Photos Proving What Happens In Vegas Should Definitely Stay There

Hilarious Photos Proving What Happens In Vegas Should Definitely Stay There

There's a reason for the phrase, "What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas." But in the end, what is a trip to the self declared sin city without some photos that will stay with you forever. There's a reason one shouldn't be snapping photos in Las Vegas, seeing as there's some things that have been seen and done there that should never be seen outside the city's borders. However, some of the photos have made their way to the internet and we self-picked some of the best ones for your enjoyment! Let them change your life, or at least make your day!

Trash The Dress

It looks like this woman was so excited about her wedding during her bachelorette party that she decided she needed to wear it out to the casinos in Vegas. She went back up to her suite and changed into the dress.
I mean she seems like she's having a great time, but it's always fun and games until a good idea turns into an absolutely horrible one. Once the dress drags on the floor of the city of sin it certainly won't look so white anymore. It probably got them all quite a bit of attention too from everyone in the casino.
This is obviously not a great idea seeing as the dress is indeed WHITE, and there was probably a very high probability that she will spill something over her very expensive and again...WHITE wedding dress and ruin it completely. It seems she needs to surround herself with new friends seeing as good friends would have completely talked her out of this awful idea...

Permanent Reminder

Looks like this girl had a few drinks with her friends in Vegas and decided to show the world how much she truly was enjoying her vacation by writing it on her body. See, here's what happened. Her friends had dared her to get a real tattoo that would last forever...but she had reserves about it.
Instead, she decided to go with the next best thing by having one of her girls (the one with the best handwriting obviously) write "I love Vegas" on her bare back with a permanent marker for everyone to see when she went out that night.

It's probably best that she went down this route anyways, seeing as she would definitely regret a permanent tattoo along with regretting anything she got into this night which was probably not great seeing as it's Vegas.

No Judgement Here

Talk about smart marketing! Although this idea of women judging the manhood of the males might escape us, this could actually bring in a lot of men to the restroom. If it's not to use the bathroom, then it would certainly make for hilarious pictures to put on instagram.
This Vegas bathroom has already been seen in various pictures on the internet, so it seems their tactic worked like they would hope. We aren't sure which men would like to use the urinals with the girl actually mocking them though.
Regardless, we're sure that even the best of sports would have used that urinal to post onto their funny meme account on instagram or to get some laughter out of their friends on facebook. If the restaurant isn't that well known, at least their bathroom is.

Lucky Charm

Ever since "The Hangover" came out, it seems it's almost impossible to mention a bachelor party in the city of Vegas without bringing up the movie itself. The scenes made countless audiences roar with laughter, and it made a lot of people feel better about their most embarrassing nights out.
Now if one had a few drinks, one could easily mistake the guy below to be one of the four main characters, Alan, who is portrayed by the hilarious Zach Galifianakis. These girls weren't wasting any time in taking a pic if he turned out to be legit.

Let's be honest, if I was one of these girls and I took that picture I would easily tell everyone that it was him. I mean the resemblance is completely outstanding, and how many people would actually be able to tell the difference?

Love Hurts

Sure, Vegas is a fun place for single people. But, that doesn't mean that you can't have a good time with your romantic partner as well. In fact, many people who have gone to Vegas with their spouses have admitted that they had a better time than when they were single and on the prowl.
This amazing couple seen in the photo wanted to have a hilarious night out and they did so in the funniest way. By wearing pillow covers with hilarious messages on them for everyone to read as they walked by.
In fact, they wore this out for the rest of their trip, and it was sure to bring smiles to people's faces as it's pretty obvious both of them are good sports. Good thing they have each other to laugh about it with.

Bromance Caught On Film

So, the guy in green was taken by his friends on a fun weekend trip to Las Vegas to get his mind off a pretty recent heartbreak that he had a tough time recovering from. It seems that his friends were pretty successful in helping him feel better until they reached this spot looking out into the city.
Whether from too much alcohol or from heartbreak, this guy laid down and curled into a ball, but his friends quickly joined in and spooned with him to help him feel better.

There really is no better friendship than a bromance, and this picture proves it. I mean sure, girlfriends are nice and everything, but a true bromance will always be there for you forever.

Better Luck Next Time

Slot machines can get you in the worst way. You can sit at one and win the jackpot after putting in only a few coins, or you can land on one that's been emptied and takes away all your money and leaves you angry and broke.
It's hard not to become addicted to these machines after saying to yourself, "Okay this is the last time," but continuously putting money in. This is why the guy in the photo can be seen expressing his anger towards his apparently awful luck, and the machine that has seemed to put him in financial trouble.
It looks like this guy was obviously having a really rough day, and this slot machine just made it ten times worse. Unfortunately, the slot machine is also the only thing he has to take out his anger on. Better luck next time buddy.

Super Vegas

This might sound like the beginning of a joke like "The Joker, Batman, and Bane" walk into a bar...But here in Vegas, this may be the only place where this could actually place.
Ahhh, Vegas, the place where nothing can ever be expected and everything you see during a night out will seem like a dream the next day. Not even in a film would you see the three of these guys getting along and enjoying a meal together.

They probably attracted a lot of attention though, and in Vegas that says a lot. We wonder how many people asked them for photos and selfies during the entirety of their stay.

Send Me a Sign

The sign itself says, "Attention: soothing and drinking, along with laughing, yelling, singing, screaming, running, jumping, and all types of lewd acts are permitted while riding in this taxi."
This sign then says to welcome to Vegas, making those who are riding in the back seat of the taxi understand that everything they had heard about the city of sin was true. There is really no place like Vegas, and there is a very good reason it's referred to as sin city it seems.
What we're wondering, is the kind of things the taxi cab driver had to see and put up with. I mean does this guy actually enjoy watching all this stuff go down, or is he just being a good sport.

Gambling Away His Freedom

Chewbacca may have been Han Solo's co-pilot aboard the Millennium Falcon as well as a legendary Wookiee warrior, but it seems that this picture will show that he is indeed a gambler as well.
We hope the two people next to him are pretty "Star Wars" fans and snagged a picture. It's not really everyday you get to say you gambled with Chewbacca.

I suppose this won't come as news to you "Star Wars" fans, seeing as how he was part of a core group of Rebels in the films and it was him who restored freedom to the galaxy making him a pretty big liberal.

Super Smashed Bros.

Looks like Luigi failed his role as Mario's sidekick since it seems that he's completely given up. Maybe Mario was fed up with feeling as though he was a short pudgy guy who kept being referred to as the Italian plumber of Mushroom Kingdom. Or maybe the two of them just got fed up with rescuing Princess Peach, seeing as she kept basically allowing herself to get captured.
Regardless, it's nice to see the two always together even after a heavy night of drinking and partying, they still never strayed from each other even up until they passed out.

A Drinking Problem

Sure, Alcohol may be cheaper than therapy, but it's definitely not the answer to everything, unlike what this sign by Lee's Discount Liquor may suggest. We have to agree that this marketing tactic is hilarious and will surely attract those who have been having a bad week or a bad day.
Although many people turn to alcohol to drink away their sorrows, unfortunately the best thing it will do is give you a lot of regret the next morning and probably an awful hangover. Maybe when you wake up and realize that you can't keep doing this every night, you realize that you should probably give therapy a try.

Home Is Where The Penny Slots Are

This is probably the stage where you should probably get your friend from help before you end up like Ralph here. Ralph was a Vegas fanatic, in fact, all his friends knew that no matter when or what the reason behind it would be, he would be the first to want to plan the whole trip to Los Vegas.
Ralph's been here many times, to the point that he's been feeling a little too comfortable in the casinos. This one time he went up to his hotel room, grabbed his mattress, and decided to sleep in the place that most felt like home to him.

Nice Choice

It seems Las Vegas reputations precedes it, and for good reason. Many people say that Las Vegas is a magical place due to it's positive vibes and careless attitude, but the truth is that it seems there are no limits in the official party capital of America.
Many couples fight on where the line should be drawn when taking trip to Vegas, but it seems that she's about as supportive as it can get when it comes to her man. She was certainly open-minded abutter boyfriend wearing an exotic dancer balloon hat.

Dedication is Key

It's a little bit cliche at this point, throwing a bachelorette party in Vegas, but it seems the locals are now fighting back. It's been said that if you can't fight them, you should just join them, and it looks like this is what this guy had in mind.

He decided to coexist with the drunk bachelorette party ladies by putting on his most skimpiest dress, put on a bachelorette sash, and wrote the word "Tips!" on his fan. It seems this guy is dedicated to his art.

How You Know Last Night Ruled

Nothing says "we had an absolute wild night last night" other than a group of fully grown guys falling asleep in the middle of a Starbucks. By the looks of their faces, we're pretty sure that things got a little out of control and they weren't able to get any shut eye for the whole night.
Well, everything is fun and games until you fall asleep in a Starbucks and end up missing your flight home from Vegas. But, that's what Vegas is for, sleepless nights and endless partying.

Don't Drink and Tat

Getting a cool tattoo was on Joey's bucket list, and it seemed like when he actually got the courage to go through with it, he was ridiculously drunk and couldn't. However, when he got to Vegas with his friends, they understood that this was his time to do it.
By the time Joey hit shot number four, he was ready to walk to the nearest tattoo parlor with a napkin of the scribble of the wrong lyrics of his favorite song. Nice going Joey.

Can't Resist

It's kind of a stereotype that those who are usually drawn to the slot machines in Vegas are the elderly. It doesn't really require that much thought or work, so maybe that's why. Instead of sitting in a poker game where the stakes are high and nerve-racking, the older guys just rather sit by a machine and pull the handle.
It seems this guy got a little too carried away after playing the slot machines for what seemed like 8 hours straight, so he decided to take a little nap so he could wake up and begin right where he left off. These girls walking buy look like they couldn't resist to get a picture with him.

Tiring Game

Speaking of sleepy people in Vegas, it looks like this girl was still a tad put jet-lagged from her flight, but really wanted to participate in a game of poker before her family made their way over to the next casino.
Since her parents weren't too big of fans of poker, she decided it would be best to play a few rounds and she would meet them at the next casino over. However, she ended up snoozing in her seat a little bit after the second round and someone managed to snag a pic.

Bubble Burst

You can spot Disney stars and key characters all around the strip in Las Vegas, but it's a pretty rare sight to see them in such a state, like the one Minnie Mouse is currently in. We just hope no children observed this sad sight since it could burst many bubbles and probably ruin their childhood altogether.
Can you imagine being a parent trying to explain to their child why Minnie Mouse is seen holding a beer bottle in the middle of the street? We're glad we don't have to go through that.

Till Annulment Do Us Part

It's common for couples to have their bachelor or bachelorette parties in Vegas, and it's also common for them to elope in the very same city. It seems there is just something about the free-spirited and easy going nature of the place that makes people act rather recklessly, like running away to a distant place and tying the knot.
The worst possible scenario? You end up marrying someone you were already engaged to. The worst? You are dressed as Elvis alongside a stranger in a Marilyn Monroe costume.

Forgive and Forget

The big saying is "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, "which is probably because whatever does happen there is probably something you would not want out in the open, or even to remember it yourself.
It's probably a good thing there are churches just like this one that are more accepting of the mistakes since they accept that everyone is human. By putting up a sign like this, they're saying that although sinning is bad, it can be forgiven. Good going Pastor Allen F. Harrod.

For Better Or For Worse

If this guy seems a bit familiar, it's probably because you've already seen him on this list when he was dressed up as a bachelorette while walking down the strip of Las Vegas.
It looks like getting tips while dressed up as a woman all ready for a great bachelorette party didn't really get him the change he was looking for. I guess he decided that a newlywed bride would be more suitable and would be sure to get him the best tips possible.

Night Night

Looks like this girl had to go to the bathroom so bad that she decided to wait outside the stall while sitting down on the carpet floor. Unfortunately, it looks like her fatigue quickly came over her.
So she decided to take a nap right there on the floor while waiting for the line to become shorter. Eventually her friends knew that she had been missing for a long time so they came to her rescue only to find this hilarious seen.
Her friends came to her rescue and woke her up, but not before taking a picture of this hilarious moment in order to remind her and them to never let her go to the bathroom on her own ever again.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Sexually transmitted diseases aren't really a laughing matter, but it's pretty tough to look at this sign without chuckling. This witty sign is both a pretty alarming threat and a friendly reminder to Vegas goers, that some things just do not stay in Vegas no matter how much you want them to stay there.

Remember kids, it's important to get checked up occasionally for STD's, no matter how embarrassing it might be. Vegas isn't called the city of sin for nothing.

Court Knee

Looks like Josh showed up late to work.....again, even though his boss has warned him countless times that it would be the last time. His boss decided she had enough with his tardiness and so she explained to him that today would be his last day as a barista at Starbucks.
Josh was obviously annoyed with the fact that he had been terminated, and with a little liquid courage left in his system from the night before, he decided he would use this last day as a way to do whatever he wanted on his last day, including writing the name Courtney and every other customer's name after that in the weirdest way possible.

It's a Zoo Out There

45-year-old Rebecca Lemon spends her time collecting spare change from the crowd passing by on the footbridge near The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Since she has been homeless for quite sometime now she admitted to Las Vegas Review-Journal that this little stunt of having her cat Cheddar look over his black sunglasses at tourist is way better than her old way of doing it.
On a good day, Cheddar lands her about $200. However, animal rights activists reported on this and many other incidents as animal cruelty, and since then the use of animals for personal profit has been outlawed.

Hair Of The Dog

This guy has never been to Las Vegas before, so when his friend suggested that they go, he decided to go all out. So, it was a tedious task, but this guy decided to go BIG! So for months, he grew his hair, and when the long-awaited day finally arrived, he decided to chop off the sides and turn his long locks into an enormous mohawk canvas.
He then decided to go over to a graffiti artist and he asked him to just go wild on his hair in honor of his first time being in the city of sin. Needless to say, his hair looked certainly anything but ordinary.

Bridging The Gap

Granny finally got to live a little bit on the wild side since she was taken on an exciting journey to Las Vegas with her bridge partners from back home. Her girlfriends were more than ecstatic to see their usually reserved and quiet friend break completely out of her shell, even if it meant putting some drinks in front of her.
They decided to go to a restaurant where the waiter placed a paper hat on her head with the message of her choosing, that being "I went to the prom with Jesus," it seemed she had been a great sport.

Dream Come True

Courtney met her husband at a Britney Spears concert, but never thought she would be saying "yes" to him while standing right next to her idol and the singer who brought the two of them together.
Courtney's now husband said, "Courtney started to shake and cry and smile. She stuck her hand out but kept looking at Britney then back at the ring. Britney then the ring. Finally I asked again, 'so what do you think? Want me to put it on you or what?!" Of course, Courtney said "yes!"

Food Flunk

This poor girl just wanted to have a calm night at home, but unfortunately her friends ended up convincing her otherwise. She lives in Vegas, so she thought the whole partying thing was just a tourist thing, but having just got out of a bad relationship, she decided she wanted to go out.
She partied hard all night long and when she finally came home she found the drunk munchies were insanely real. Unfortunately, she fell asleep just around the same time the food was arriving.

Play The Part

Since she just moved to Las Vegas, she assumed that Halloween meant dressing up as your favorite Vegas reference. She was always big on the games found in casinos, this is actually what drew her to move to the city in the middle of the desert to begin with.
So this is what she went with, and after she had gotten to the party, she noticed she was the only one who went through such trouble to find the perfect costume. Regardless, she was still all smiles.

Grab The Bull By The Horns

If you've ever had a wild weekend out in the party capital of the world, why not just head down to one of the many grill houses available with a mechanical bull and give it a go? I mean at this point you've probably embarrassed yourself enough, how bad could it be to fall off a mechanical bull?

The girl in the photo might not make it look especially fun, but once trying it out, the mechanical bull can be a lot of fun. When you fall off, there's a good chance you'll want to try it over and over again until you get it down pat. We just hope the girl in the photo didn't get hurt, since it looked like a pretty nasty fall.

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