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Nov 29, 2018

5 Things That Keep You From Success

Don’t blame anybody in your life. Bad people give you experience. Good people make you feel happy. Worst people teach you lessons. Best people give you incredible memories.
This means that everyone provides value in your life and that your attitude and mindset are the vital elements of feeling fulfilled in your relationships and experiences.
You can’t and won’t be fulfilled or thrive unless your heart and mind are in balance. For instance, there’re many wealthy, miserable people in Hollywood, California, since they have a lot of money, but they’re not fulfilled or abundant in their hearts and minds.

Five Things That May Be Preventing You from Achieving Success:

Bad habits

A bad habit is anything that you often do that you wished you did not – cursing, drinking alcohol, smoking, eating fast food, watching too much TV, etc. You may do these things as they give you instant gratification. But, you’re probably reading the article as you want fulfilment and abundance – not the instant, fleeting satisfaction of any bad habit.
Bad habits have much in common with the scarcity mentality – narrowing your time frame, making excuses, being impulsive, and thinking short-sightedly.
So, regardless of what bad habit you have, do not judge yourself but instead take some positive action. Develop a new, healthy habit, which makes you genuinely happy as well as more in line with the life that you always wanted.

Blaming and judging other people

Everyone has faults. No one is perfect. You aren’t perfect, nor are those that you’re close with. Unluckily, you also live in a society that typically values achievement and status more than righteousness and morality. This means that people who haven’t attained “success” or “prestige” are usually looked down upon.
Blaming and judging somebody is simply a form of negativity disguised to make you feel better about yourself. But, by doing so, you can accomplish absolutely nothing and even harm yourself. Remember that everybody in your life is there for a reason.

Lack of Self-belief

When the Wright brothers decided to make the plane and informed their dad, he said “If God wanted us to fly, he would have made us with wings.”
Engineers were told that building the Hoover Dam would be an impossible task—it’s too high, there’s too much water to control. They were told: “You are crazy, you shouldn’t even attempt such a job.”
When the scientists decided to visit the moon, more than half of Americans thought they were crazy. Newspaper articles were written to tell them how impossible it would be to go to the Moon. Other scientists also criticized them for believing such nonsense, explaining to them how it is impossible it would be.
The Wright brothers carried on despite the lack of confidence. Today, all those who criticized joyfully fly around the world. The Hoover dam was witnessed by the nay-sayers. When men landed on the moon, it was broadcast for all to see.
The point is to believe in yourself—it is enough. Don’t allow people to talk down on your dreams and tell you that they are impossible. Believing you can do it is all you need. What dream do you have today? Who is telling you it can’t be done? Go do it and prove everyone else wrong.

Lack of Purpose

Everybody has a plan for you. Your TV cable company has a plan for you; they know you will help them increase their sales this year. Your internet service provider has a plan for you; they know you can’t afford to live without it. Your landlord has a plan for you.
Your grocer has a plan for you. Mark Zuckerberg has a plan for you; he knows you will log on to Facebook and help build his company. Your boss has a plan for you. Everyone has a plan for you—except you!
If you want to be successful, you need to have a plan for yourself. If you do not plan to succeed, you automatically plan to fail. Every day you wake up, you need to know exactly why you are getting up.
You need to have a purpose and plan for your life. Successful people plan their life, they have a budget, they have dreams and aspirations. In order for you to succeed in life, you need to have a good plan and a sense of direction.

Trapped emotions

There’s no credible psychiatrist or psychologist who denies the negative impact of emotional trauma, like trapped emotions that remain in your subconscious. Such emotions can be harmful since they’re inherently hard to ignore…they keep affecting you, whether you’re aware of it or not.
Evidently, they have a negative effect on your psyche and make it hard to lead a life of fulfilment and abundance. However, in case you really have some type of unresolved trauma or emotional distress, there’re multiple ways, including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) that can help you relieve yourself of that burden unfairly placed upon you.
Although technically seen as an energy-based and alternative therapy, EFT has gained recognition within the science-driven medical community as a potentially powerful technique for treating different types of emotional trauma.
Assistant Clinical Prof. of Psychiatry at the University of California, Serina Deen, attests to the positive results of EFT testing on her colleagues and herself despite her initial skepticism.
That’s not all, in an academic study carried out by clinical psychologists, patients that had Post-traumatic Stress Disorder due to a severe motor vehicle accident reported improvements following the treatment.

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