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Nov 12, 2018

10 Great Ways to Spice Up a Long Time Relationship


The two of you have been together so long that people see you as relationship goals. Is it hard to remember life before you met, and hard to imagine it without each other? Things change over time in a relationship without the individuals realizing it.
Every now and then couples should take a look at their relationship to make sure they aren’t simply growing old together.
It’s easy for people that have been in relationships to become complacent and assume the other person is happy with the status quo. You should never stop putting in the work to keep your relationship balanced.
If you’ve been with your partner for a long time it may be time to try some new things. Continue reading for 10 ways on how to spice up a relationship.

1. Write Each Other Love Letters

Do you like me, check yes or no? We all remember the little love notes kids passed around in their elementary classes. Well, we’re never too old to express our affection for the ones we love.
Take a moment to write a love letter to your partner expressing what she or he means to you. Place the letter on their pillow, prop it against their glass of orange juice at breakfast, or leave it on their car seat.
Whatever you do, don’t send it via text or email.

2. Set a Recurring Date Night

Date nights never grow old and are a perfect way to spice up a relationship.
To keep things exciting, never go to the same restaurant twice in a six month period. Check-out spots that are just opening and give it a try. Explore different cultural dining experiences.
You can also make the date night about learning new things. Take a pottery class, do couple’s night at Painting With a Twist, or be adventurous and try zip lining.

3. Plan Annual Vacations

The world is in your backyard so why not explore it. There are a lot of romantic places you and your significant other can explore together.
Make a commitment to go on at least one trip a year. It can be out of the country or within the US.
Whether it’s a weekend music festival in a favorite city or a romantic getaway to a Caribbean island, make time to get away. Don’t let holidays with the family count as your annual getaway.

4. Create a Couple’s Bucket List

Couple’s bucket lists are great ways to spice up a relationship. It also can help encourage you to get yours done.
Each person makes a list of at least 10 things he or she wants to accomplish in their lifetime. The other person’s job is to support their partner in making it a reality.
Even if it is something you are afraid of doing, like skydiving, challenge yourself because, in the end, it will only make your relationship stronger. Who knows, your partner may want to become a member of the mile high club.

5. Celebrate Each Other’s Accomplishments

Everyone wants to be acknowledged for their accomplishments. It doesn’t matter if it is a promotion on the job or successful completion of a personal goal.
One way to spice up your relationship is to always do something special to celebrate your mate. A candlelight dinner on the patio or a bouquet of flowers delivered to the job can take their excitement to the next level.
It is not always the big things or the expensive things that matter, but more so how you make your partner feel in the important moments.

6. Ask Your Mate How to Spice Up a Relationship

Don’t feel as if you’re the one that needs to know how to spice up a relationship. Desiring to do something is also part of the process. If you feel the flame is going out on your relationship ask your partner how to reignite it.
Not only will you have a chance to communicate with each other about the status of the relationship, but you also get to learn their commitment to staying together.

7. Plan a Couple’s Game Night with Other Couples

Spending quality time with other couple’s is one of many ways to spice up a relationship. Couple’s that have strong bonds with other couples help each other explore different ways to love and grow together.
It is a good thing to have friends in relationships that differ from yours. They could be new to love, been together longer, have a different ethnicity, kids or no kids, married or life partners.
The more diverse the group the more insight you will gain from each other. Plus, game night will be an adventure each month.

8. Host a Valentines Party for Your Single Friends

Now here’s a good way to add spice to your relationship. Help your single friends find what you and your mate already have.
Host a Valentine’s Day party and only invite singles. It is sure to remind you both why you’re happy you are off the market.

9. Have a Recommitment Ceremony

Sometimes couples forget why they fell in love. After the “I do’s,” couples fall into routines and forget to spice up their relationships.
A recommitment ceremony is a way to refocus on your love for each other. Always invite your biggest supporters and loved ones who were there from the beginning.

10. Get Married

Last but definitely not least, the best ways to spice up a relationship is to make the ultimate commitment to one another is to get married.
Being a boyfriend and a girlfriend indefinitely can weigh on a relationship. Spice things up by committing to be lifetime partners and friends.

Do You Tips on Improving Relationships?

We hope you found these tips on how to spice up a relationship to be helpful. Relationships take work, but they also help us grow into better people. Our goal is to help millennial women on their journey.


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