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Oct 13, 2018

You Will Be Surprised To Know What Your Chin Shape Can Reveal About Your Personality

Ever thought of depicting one’s personality traits through his/her chin shape? This may sound bizarre, but these theories hold some merit to them and have proven to be quite legit. That’s what we will be covering, things your chin shape can reveal about your personality.
So, without further ado let’s find out the significance of your chin shape when it comes to your personality.

1. Round Chin

The people that come under this category, are usually optimistic. They may not be born leaders, and maybe lacking in that department, but they are excellent when it comes to teamwork.
They are also friendship material, as they provide excellent support. They bring optimism into life.

2. Short & Narrow Chin

People with short and narrow chins aren’t the biggest fans of this world. They are extremely sensitive, and always feel that this world is a brutal place to exist in. They love to chat, and are always amazing at social gatherings.
You should always think before you speak to them, as any form of hurtful speech may damage them in an extremely negative way.

3. Square Chin

People with this chin shape come under the stubborn breed. They are very attractive, and are often consulted in making decisions. They aren’t too expressive about their emotions, and often straight forward about others, which may seem rude to some.

4. Retracted Chin

People falling under this category are attractive, as well as loyal. They might not be good at making decisions, but they never run away from the hard times. They are usually financially strong.

5. Protruding Chin

They bear amazing leadership quality, and are full of energy. They maybe aggressive sometimes, but are also goal oriented. They are amazing at their workplace.

6. Long Chin

People in this category are extremely loyal towards their friends and family. They also live a longer and healthier life. They are perfect marriage material.

7. Double Chin

Double chin may not seem pleasing to many people, but what they don’t know is the fact that it is a sign of a better life down the road. These people are often financially strong and are blessed with good families.

8. Cleft Chin

They bear a really interesting personality. People with this kind of chin shape bear a high sexual appetite and are always concerned about being in the spotlight. They age like a bottle of wine.

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