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Oct 5, 2018

Why Empaths Freeze Around Fake People

When empaths come across inauthentic people, they often shut down as a form of protection. Those that aren’t emanating truthful vibes may put empaths on high alert.

An Empath Can’t Stand Inauthentic People Because:

– They make up stories to get other people’s attention;
– They praise other people but don’t really mean it;
– They hide their real personality by creating new one as they fear that their real personality won’t be accepted;
– They feel insecurity and pain because of their emotionally difficult childhood, but actually play the role of tough guys;
– They are full of anger and hatred but do their best to convince others otherwise;
– They desperately strive for the love of everyone by acting overly nice to be admired.

Here Is Also the Reaction of an Empath When They Are Around Inauthentic People:

– Although these people don’t do anything to offend or hurt empathic people, an empath will try to avoid their presence.
– If an empath spends more than one hour in the company of these people, they may feel emotionally exhausted.
– Sometimes an empath can get speechless. In addition, their words may seem lost as well as their sentences may not want to come out of their mouth.
– An empath may feel helpless when surrounded by these people.
– An empath may have dreadful feeling in their stomach that doesn’t go away until that person leaves.
Some empaths feel bad around inauthentic people since they’re picking up the trait that they want to avoid as well as dislike about themselves.
It’s important to understand that everyone has been in a situation when they had to put on a happy face although they felt depressed or sad. Also, everyone has pretended that they loved their job, although deep inside, they hated it.
But, the truth is that some people play this role on a daily basis.
Being fake may help you get through a difficult situation, but living it on a daily basis isn’t good. Keep in mind that being fake won’t make you happy or complete.
In fact, not knowing who you are can make you unhappy. Hiding the real you from other people without knowing the exact reason and being inauthentic can lead to a lot of pain.

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