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Oct 13, 2018

Why Are Toilet Stall Doors Not Fully Enclosed? What Is the Logic?

A public toilet stall is certainly not a very pleasing place to go to. Well, usually people prefer one when there is a case of bladder blasting emergency! But have you ever wondered why toilet stall doors ain’t fully enclosed?
If you have ever visited a public toilet, have you ever wondered why toilet stall doors ain’t fully enclosed? Well, I would find it embarrassing if people got to see my legs from below while I’m doing my business! So here are some of the following reasons why toilet stall doors ain’t fully enclosed.

1. In Case Of An Emergency

Incidents such as getting yourself locked indoor in a toilet stall are pretty prevalent. You certainly would die due to suffocation if help takes long to come for you. Say thanks to half way doors!

2. An Easy Gateway For Children

Children tend to fiddle around with the toilet handles and end up locking themselves up. If your child locks himself up inside he can easily crawl out from below. Way to go little buddy!

3. Falls Cheaper When It Comes To Expense

Doors that go all the way down to the floor are more expensive. Hence small sized doors are preferred.

4.Half- Way Doors Are Easier To Maintain

Hygiene plays a very important roll in toilet stalls. If you have ever wondered why toilet stall doors ain’t fully enclosed, then you must know that half- way doors are easier to maintain.
Full-length doors usually are found rusty and greasy in the corners.They end up becoming dirty too often. Hence stalls prefer half way doors.

5. “No Toilet Paper!”

You’re in a situation, you don’t have toilet paper. You’re sweating, you don’t know what to do. There’s no chance of getting out of here without it!
This is when toilet stall doors act as a life saver. Out of toilet paper? Not an issue! You shall get a helping hand my friend.

6. Ain’t No Chance For Sneaking Around

The reason why toilet stall doors are only half way through is because some couples cant keep their pants in place. Yes, my friend! your girl is your princess. Please take her to a room to shower her a royal treatment. A public stall ain’t no place for that!


Having spaces between the floor and the door comes in handy when there is a long line. Usually, you keep waiting in line for the first person to come out, and then you realize that the stall was empty all this time. Install halfway doors, skip getting trolled!

So “Yay!” to toilet stalls and there half way doors!

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