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Oct 10, 2018

Who Would You Help First? Your Answer Will Reveal Your Core Personality


If you chose #1:

It means you respect tradition, which makes you not a very energetic person, with a restricted ability to adjust to challenges. Now, ask yourself why you chose this figure. In an interview, what would you say to the HR manager if he/she asked you?

If you chose #2:

You’re a delicate person with an illogical streak. Your choices defy logic because you’re controlled by your heart. Unless you’re applying for a position which needs you to be extremely emotional, you’re in trouble.

If you chose #3:

You are best described as the life of the party. Nevertheless, unless you have a very creative answer up your sleeve, which is certainly your asset, you may be understood as a weak choice by the HR manager.

If you chose #4:

It means that you’re the type of employee which any company would love to have among their ranks. Nonetheless, was your answer original enough? You played it safe, and that doesn’t constantly guarantee success. With this, you should contemplate the likelihood of taking greater risks in the future.

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