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Oct 10, 2018

What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality

Many people don’t know that their sleeping position can reveal a lot about their character and expose some of their inner personality traits. We all tend to change the sleeping position during the night but we usually end up sleeping in our favorite one at the end of the night. The sleeping position which we enjoy the most is really important and can help our partner learn a bit more about us.
In the article below you can find some of the most common sleeping poses for women and what they reveal about them:

The Fetal Position

The fetal position was the most commonly reported, with 41 percent of participants endorsing it as their sleeping position of choice. According to the personality analysis, people who slept in the fetal position were like watermelons: hard on the outside with a softer interior. They were also described as being shy at first blush but warming up to new people and feeling more relaxed over time.

The Log

This side-lying, straight-armed stance was another of the more popular positions, with 15 percent of participants indicating that they lie this way as they drift off to dreamland. Though it may sound counter intuitive, Dr. Idzikowski found that log sleepers were more likely to report a friendly, carefree, and social nature. They were also afflicted with the less-glamorous trait of gullibility.

The Yearner

Yearners, or side sleepers with outstretched arms, made up 13 percent of the sample. Dr. Idzikowski described them as a series of contradictions; both open-minded and cynical, indecisive but stubborn.

The Soldier

The 8 percent of participants who identified as soldier sleepers were most comfortable sleeping on their backs with both arms pinned to their sides, calling to mind the image of a stiff toy soldier. Their self-reported personality traits—quiet, reserved, and quick to set high standards for themselves and others—also fit this stereotyped soldier persona.

The Freefall

Dr. Idzikowski deemed the 7 percent of study subjects who fell asleep on their stomachs with arms wrapped around their pillows and heads turned to one side “free-fallers.” People who slept in this free-fall position were more likely to describe their personality as gregarious or brash. Free-fallers were also painted as sensitive to criticism; it was noted that despite expansive personas, they were thin-skinned underneath.

The Starfish

Only 5 percent of participants reported sleeping in a starfish position, on their backs with both arms up around the pillow. Starfish sleepers described themselves as good listeners and helpful friends who prefer to avoid the limelight.
There you have it, some of the most common sleeping poses and what they reveal about a woman. All you need to do is observe your partner and learn a bit more about them.

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