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Oct 10, 2018

The world without Internet tomorrow .. The disruption of the Internet network for 36 million users .. Officials: will not come

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The world without Internet tomorrow .. Interruption of the Internet network for 36 million users .. Officials: will affect only 1% .. The goal of increasing encryption and protection .. The difficulty of opening pages highlighted the side effects
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There have been many reports over the past few days that Internet services around the world may be broken on Thursday, October 11, which is true but misinterpreted. There is already a radical change by the International Internet Domain Organization Internet encryption keys, which is an action by which the organization aims to increase the protection of the Internet.

Switch encryption keys
Earlier reports have pointed out that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which specializes in the distribution and management of iP addresses, domain names and the allocation of top-level domain names around the world, switches security keys that protect an important part of the Internet. The KSK Rollover or the basic access key switch to the root zone will cause some users to encounter "server failure" problems and error messages, which may last for only 48 hours.
ICANN Response
"With ICANN making its preparations, for the first time ever, to change the encryption keys that help protect the DNS, the organization has published a guide to help everyone know what can happen," the organization said on its official website. The Internet may have difficulty opening some web pages at some point within 48 hours of replacing the key and the user will start to see that name resolution failures are typically "server failure" or SERVFAIL errors.
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Affected users around the world
But what many users do not know is that most Internet users will not see any change in the browsing process, as ICANN will run both old and new keys at the same time so that ISPs can test their networks to ensure that such fractures do not occur, That only 1% of Internet users are likely to face problems, given that the number of Internet users now stands at 3.58 billion users, which means that nearly 36 million users can be affected globally.
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ICANN Foundation Function
ICANN's mission is to ensure a stable, secure and unified Internet network. To connect to each other over the Internet, you must write a title from your computer, whether a name or a number. This address should be unique so that computers can know where you are Others, as ICANN coordinates these unique identifiers across the globe.

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