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Oct 8, 2018

The Animal You See First Reveals Your Personality Traits

The photo you see above is actually made from several different pictures. Take a look at it and the first thing you see will reveal a lot of hidden things about your personality. Below, you can read the meaning of the animal you saw first.

Personality traits

The animal you saw first can say a lot about your personality:
  • Bird – If you saw the bird first, it means that you have an expressive and outgoing personality.
  • Crab – You have a good sense of humor and always try to be happier.
  • Bird and crab – You tend to be more emotional and sensitive.
  • Horse – It means that you’re free-spirited and independent.
  • Dolphin – You’re a creative and artistic person.
  • Ducklings – You’re quieter, detailed and focused.
  • Bear – You are a natural born leader with a strong personality.
  • Puppy– You’re nurturing and kind

Thinking styles

This exercise also reveals your thinking style. People think differently and that affects the way they work, learn and interact. How quickly you saw an animal and whether you’ve been able to see all of them can help you identify your thinking style.
  • Seeing the horse was difficult. It means that you’re a deep thinker and very intuitive
  • Seeing the bird and crab together required focusing on the contrast. If you saw them quickly, it means your brain process everything quickly.
  • Seeing the dolphin required a unique way of thinking. This means you’re a creative and impressive thinker.
  • Seeing the bear means you’re a thinker that sees the big picture.

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