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Oct 14, 2018

The 9 Zodiac Pairs Which Make the Most Passionate Couples

How often do you read your horoscope? Are you a horoscope fanatic that stays up to date with the stars on a daily basis or are you the occasional reader? Maybe you don’t believe is this astro mambo-jumbo and think that people who waste their time on reading their horoscope are fools? However, you must admit that there’s something attractive about reading the stars and how they affect our mood, our personality, our success and our failure, both in our private and professional life. Even if you’re not a zodiac fanatic, the following article may peak your interest because it can tell you which zodiac sign would be your most passionate lover and which zodiac sign would be a perfect fit for you.

Below you will find the zodiac combinations that are most compatible and most passionate together:

Libra & Aries

What separates the Aries from the rest is their leadership skills and their aggressiveness, something that usually creates trouble for them in both their professional and private life. The Aries is the dominating type that always wants to be in control in a relationship and they certainly hate mind games. What they value the most in a partner is their honesty. They’re passionate lovers and want a lover that is as passionate as them in the bedroom. Although the Scorpio and the Leo may be more their type when it comes to sexuality, the Libra is the perfect match for them when they seek a more meaningful connection. The Libra is carefree and always seeking emotional connection, which works great for the Aries who needs someone to keep him grounded yet entertain them with their adventurous spirit.

Virgo & Taurus

The Taurus is really a family type, someone who wants most of all to spend time with their family and who values tradition more than anything. The Taurus doesn’t see sex as a purely sexual act, it’s much more to it, it’s the feelings that lead to the act, it’s the romantic gestures and the romance that entertains him/her the most. They work well with Virgos because they too are family-oriented and have the same attitude towards love-making. The Virgo also prefers sensuality over sex, which matches perfectly the preferences of the Taurus.

Sagittarius & Gemini

The Gemini is always the soul of the crowd, they keep every party going, they can talk about anything and everything and you’ll never have a boring moment around them. However, when it comes to relationships, the free-spirited Gemini finds it hard to hold on to a person and have a steady love life. They tend to fear commitment and as soon as things start getting serious, they tend to pull back. The key to holding on to a steady relationship with a Gemini is to never let them feel tied down and always make them laugh. The Gemini finds both these qualities in the Sagittarius, a smart, well-read partner who satisfies their intellectual needs and sexual as well. They’re both outgoing and highly-intelligent, impulsive and together they simply bloom.

Taurus & Cancer

The Cancer is selfless and compassionate, the most compassionate Zodiac sign of them all. They’re strikingly empathetic and their greatest flaw may very well be their inability to say NO to people. They almost never search for short flings, when it comes to their love life, they are always searching for a meaningful, deep connection and a promising relationship. They always find their soulmate in a Taurus, as they also seek for emotional connection before everything. They’re the type that will stay at home, watch old movies and simply enjoy each other’s company, without needing anything else.

Aries & Leo

You can spot a Leo from a mile. They’re always in the spotlight, enjoying everyone’s attention and having a mile-long line of suitors before them. The Leo only needs to smile and you’ll be down on your knees worshiping their charm. They’re highly passionate, fiery and are almost never alone. As they always want to be the best in everything, they usually make very good lovers, as long as their skills are recognized and appreciated. The Aries is just as passionate as them, which makes for a good combination. They will have the fieriest arguments and the most explosive make up afterwards.

Scorpio & Virgo

Virgos are the most methodical zodiac sign and they enjoy harmony and tidiness more than anything. They feel at their best when they check every box on their to-do list and this tendency to perfection reflects their love life as well. They can be a tad critical of their partner’s imperfections and always push them to improve. But when they form a steady relationship, it will become the number one priority in their life. They’re highly attentive as partners and enjoy a romantic atmosphere, with an accent on intimacy. Scorpios are desperately in need of an intense emotional connection, which matches the Virgo’s need as well. They work perfectly together, the Virgo always ensuring order in Scorpio’s fast-paced life, and the overtly sexual Scorpio pulling the reserved Virgo out of her/his shell.

Pisces & Scorpio

On the outside, the Scorpio seems callous and tough, but on the inside, they’re the most sensitive persons, always searching for attention and love. Scorpios are often called intense, and it’s no wonder, because once they focus on something they will stop at nothing until they’ve achieved their goal. They’re also keen on revenge and won’t forget anything you’ve ever wronged them. They’re passionate, lustful lovers who can get a bit aggressive in bed. The Pisces, who’s just as emotional as the Scorpio, suits them perfectly. They have a mutual understanding of each other’s needs and they read each other intuitively.

Sagittarius & Aquarius

The thing that annoys the Sagittarius the most is being in one place for far too long. They’re constantly driven to travel, to discover new places and to search for new adventures. They’re almost never homesick and they adapt to new environments like a chameleon. When it comes to love and relationships, the only partner that suits their wild spirit is the one that will never hold them back, who will allow them their freedom and won’t ask for too much from them. They also hate boredom so you need to be quite entertaining to keep their attention. Routine bores them as well, so they need to find new ways to spend their time with their partner. The Aquarius matches the Sagittarius’s desire to always be on the move and will never hold them back. They’re both open-minded and adventurous, so they’ll never have a dull moment in their relationship.

Virgo & Capricorn

Capricorns have firmly set goals in their life and will never spend a moment focusing on anything else but this. They’re highly ambitious and driven and almost always achieve everything they’ve set their mind to. They may seem reserved at first, but only because they’re scared of getting hurt. They need time to lower their defenses, but once they open up they are all in, invested in their relationship and working hard to ensure its success. They value both the emotional connection and the sexual desire in a relationship, they’re equally important for them. They match perfectly with the methodical Virgo who is just as focused as they are. They may even meet each other in a bookstore, searching for the best organizer and day planner.

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