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Oct 10, 2018

Personality Test: What Did You Notice First?

Look at this picture. What did you see first?


If you saw the dolphin first, it means that you currently have an external focus on success in life. The dolphin jumps through the hoop, you probably feel that you jump through the hoops in your life, and career to get what you want. Perhaps one of your high priorities in life is now to earn enough money.

The Woman Of Stars

If you first saw the contour of a woman and stars, it represents your understanding of how deep your inner world is. Probably, you spent a lot of time trying to understand your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.

The Woman Of Sky And Ocean

If you saw the outline of a woman from the sky and the ocean, it means you are beginning to discover the real you in your life.

The Woman In The Red Dress

If you notice a woman in a red dress while viewing this picture, this means that you are one of the few and rare people who have seen through the veil of illusion in life and found your most true inner being. You are gentle, kind and happy with everything in this life.

The Sky and The Ocean

If you have seen the sky or the ocean when viewing a picture, this represents your deep love for nature and your ability to learn more about who you are when traveling, or even while walking or hiking out on the street. Finding around the natural energy of plants and nature allows you to open and soften inside, and often allows you to relax.

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