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Oct 10, 2018

One Type of Guy You Should Never Let Go; If You Do, It Is Your Loss

When we consider a partner, we have a long list of attributes that he is supposed to have. However, there are only two things that are really important when finding a partner is considered.
In fact, we don’t need those attributes that we have on the list, such as good looks, funny, intelligent, rich, etc. we must remember that we are only trying to find a person to love and who will love us back.

The man who you must keep is the man that loves you. This is a man that lights up when he sees you and tells everyone that you are his with enormous pride. He constantly talks to his friends about you and speaks that he is lucky to have found you. This man texts you only to hear from you and he tries to find even silly reasons to see you sooner than you have planned because he wants to be with you.
This man does not make a fun of you for your silly habits, such as watching a TV series at weekend instead of going out. He even starts watching the same TV series because he wants to know more about you.
This guy is even polite after a bad night sleep that you had that has kept both of you awake. He even tries to help you to sleep after that night. This guy embraces all of your traits, even those that the others considered to be your faults. He loves those traits and thinks that they are something unique.

This man does not want to change who you are. He supports your wishes and dreams and always stands beside you.
This man listens to your problems, helps you when you need help, laughs with you and remembers all the small details that even you have forgotten.
He shares his secrets and thoughts with you because he has complete trust in you. He listens and accepts your advice because he respects your judgment and opinion.
This man is always there to make you happy. He wants to protect you and always has one eye on you to make sure everything is fine.
This man is always besides you and will always be. He even ditches his friends to make sure you get home safely.
These things make you feel that this is not real, that you don’t deserve such a special person next to you. This man does these things for you because he truly loves you. You should never let him go.

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