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Oct 5, 2018

Men Who Marry Smart Women Live Longer

In today’s social context, we generally believe that it is hard and tough to deal with intelligent women. No matter how advanced humans are in science, religion or any other aspect; still deep inside their hearts; many men like their women to be submissive to them. when men hear the terms like ‘feminist’; they often try to go away from such people. Because they believe that those women who are intellectual than they are difficult to handle and will only cause problems for them.

But, what we are going to tell now will change your attitude about ‘intelligent’ women; because it has been found out that brainy brides are helpful for their partner in many ways and in fact; intelligent women will influence to increase the life expectancy of their husband’s and free him from dementia.
The emeritus professor of mental health in the College of Medicine; and Life Sciences at the University of Aberdeen; Lawrence Whalley; said at a conference on dementia in Oxford England that “The thing a boy is never told he needs to do if he wants to live a longer life-but what he should do is marry an intelligent woman”.
Explaining further he said that “Wives who inspire their husbands to think-and challenge them with good conversation-help serve as a ‘buffer’ against dementia by keeping their brains active. There is no better buffer than intelligence”.
These researchers also examined the health of identical twins; and determined that having an intelligent wife could help decrease the various degenerative diseases.
Moreover, these men who marry a smart woman are at a lower risk of developing multiple forms of dementia; including Alzheimer’s disease.
It was revealed in the past researchers that intellectually challenging games such as crossword puzzles can help to stay away from Alzheimer’s by stimulating the brain and accordingly when you have a smart woman she would often challenge you with several things which in turns will help to maintain your mental health.
In the experiment the men who were blessed with a clever wife didn’t show any sign of dementia in a brain scan and in fact; they were determined to be highly intelligent and very functional.
So, if you are interested in a woman just check whether she is intelligent. It will help you not only to live longer but also to be successful in life. No matter what clichés say, it is obvious that life will get harder when you happened to be stick to a foolish person and therefore; by selecting someone who suits you both intellectually and emotionally; you can be a happy and a successful person!
Source: The Minds Journal, I Heart Intelligence

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