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Oct 11, 2018

Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Body Does These 7 Random Things?

Most people don’t stop to think about why they yawn or sneeze or get goosebumps. Turns out our body is actually using these actions as defense mechanisms. The mechanism behind these actions are complex and here is a list of actions that our bodies do to keep us safe:

1. Yawning

While this action is associated with people not getting enough sleep or being bored, a 2014 story proved otherwise. Yawning is reportedly our bodies way of cooling down the temperature of the brain.

2. Sneezing

This action helps our bodies get rid of external, unwanted irritants like dust, dirt etc and keep them away from our respiratory system.

3. Tearing Up

Often associated with sadness and emotions, tearing up actually serves many other purposes. Cleaning the eyeballs and keeping unpleasant stimuli away are just of the most basic reasons.

4. Wincing

When exposed to loud noise, wincing occurs as an evolutionary trait of protecting us from oncoming unpleasant situations.

5. Skin Pruning

Skin prunes when exposed to water for significant time. This trait is meant to help us get better grip underwater.

6. Goosebumps

Another evolutionary trait, goosebumps was a way for our predecessors to make their hair stand up in threatening situations or to provide warmth in unsavory weather conditions.

7. Stretching

This action is an instinctual need to prepare our joints and muscles for the actions of the day.

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