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Oct 11, 2018

An Open Letter to the Man That Shattered the Girl With a Soft Heart

She would have given you far more than anyone else in this world ever will and she truly loved you. How could you do this to her?
Why did you take this happy bright girl and turn her into someone so cold and damaged? Why couldn’t you have chosen anyone else? You found the girl who was making the most out of herself, the one who didn’t need you.
Then, you made her believe that she needed you. How could you do this to her? She believed all of your bullshit apologies. She counted every second waiting for you to text back. She sat up late at night crying wondering what it was she was doing wrong.

You made her feel worthless when truthfully you were the worthless one. You make her think you loved her but you don’t. You make her believe that you were her one and only but you aren’t. She makes promises and keeps them, you make promises and forget them.
Why did you have to take this remarkable lady and make her doubt herself? Why did you have to tear her down so much? Does it make you feel good? Do you like leaving people shattered on the inside? How will she ever pick up all of these pieces?
You are the reason why she has cut off all of her friends. You are the reason why she struggles to get out of bed every day. You are the reason why when someone shows interest in her, she retreats. She doesn’t know how to exist without you and yet you are just fine without her.

She was so much more herself before she knew you. You destroyed her. Why was it so easy for you? Do you really feel no guilt at all? How can you act as if this is all her fault?
Sure, she did contribute but it was hardly her fault. She was stupid, she was naive. But you, you were a monster… are a monster. You took advantage of a soft heart and fed into her love for you. You wanted to break her.
You turned her into nothing more than a messy puddle of tears and shards of broken glass. While it will take her some time to get herself back together, SHE WILL. She will come out of this a better person, a person who knows what love is and what love IS NOT.

She will be stronger than you could ever be. She will learn from her mistake and yours. She will not let her next partner treat her like a doormat. She will demand the respect that she deserves!
While she may think right now that you ruined her, you are the one who ruined things. You ruined your one chance at something special. You fucked up. She deserves so much better and that is what she will get. She will find someone who deserves her, someone who can and will treat her the way she should be treated.
As far as I am concerned, you are nothing. You will move onto the next as if you haven’t already? You will repeat the cycle as time goes on. She will find true love. She will be happy. You enjoy that miserable life of yours, maybe someday you will realize things once it is far too late to change.

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