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Oct 10, 2018

A Scientific Study Claims That Your Age Affects How You See This Famous Optical Illusion — What Do You See?

A classic optical illusion known as “My Wife and My Mother-in-Law” is making the rounds on social media. It is also sometimes called the “Boring Figure.” A theory is also going along with it from a study that was conducted at Flinders University in Australia.

In the drawing, viewers can see both an old lady’s profile gazing downwards and to the left and a younger woman looking the other way.
According to the study, the woman you see first will depend on your age. They say that if you are between the ages of 18 and 30 you will normally see the younger woman first. People over the age of 30 typically see the older woman right off the bat.
The study says this is an “own-age bias.”
This optical illusion is currently one of the most popular ones in the world. It works due to facial perception. Viewers will either see a profile of an older lady looking down or a younger lady looking away. One will catch your eye before the other.
If you can’t see both, let us give you a hint. The “necklace” of the younger woman is where the older woman’s mouth begins.

Do you see it now? The chin of the younger woman is also the nose of the older one. The older woman’s chin will also double as the chest of the younger woman.

Have you seen this optical illusion before and wondered what it meant? The Australian study, performed by two professors of psychology, says that what you see first has everything to do with your age.
Their study used 393 participants from 18 to 68-years-old. Their median age was 32. Males outnumbered the females in the study, as there were 242 men and 141 females tested. The participants were first shown the picture for only half of a second. They were then asked to tell the psychologists the age and gender of the person they picked out.
Since most of the participants were younger, they saw the younger woman first. The researchers then separated the youngest 10% surveyed as well as the oldest 10% surveyed. The older set picked out the old lady first while the younger set picked out the young lady right away.
The study was performed to determine if your own age caused a bias towards the image you picked out on a subconscious level.
However, don’t feel bad if you did see the older woman first! You are only as young as you feel, right?
What image were you able to pick out right away? Tell us in the comment section! Then pass this on to others to see what they see!

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