A Great Psychologist’s Test: Which Door Are You Afraid to Enter?

“The cave you are scared to enter contains the treasure you are looking for”– said Joseph Campbell, an American historian and writer, who has also researched human psychology. His psychological theory is based on the fact that if a person wants to conquer their fears, the person must be happy.
Another psychologist who agrees with Campbell’s theory is Clifford N. Lazarus. He believes that people create their own barriers, and this stops them from expressing themselves completely. His advice on happiness is to take risks and face our fears.
If you want to take a better look into your own personality and barriers, look at these photos and decide which one frightens you the most:

1. Abandoned house

You’re a very intelligent and analytical person, and you don’t mind seeing things as they are. Your values are what’s most important to you, and you expect others to think the same. The wall covered in wallpaper indicates that you have raised emotional and spiritual walls, and this makes you hard to reach out to. But the light is a sign that you’re willing to take down these walls, at least for a few close, but real friends. The treasure you’re seeking is emotional satisfaction, and what you need is to connect with someone emotionally, not just intellectually.

2. Staircase

Stairs leading to a cellar or attic show that you’re free and like enjoying life. This image symbolizes the fear of being buried, i.e. your fear of death and not knowing what’s coming. The treasure you seek is good health, so you need to eat well, exercise and take care of yourself. You overthink, but you love life, you love yourself and you’ll surely find your treasure.

3. Cave

If you chose the ice cave, it’s probably because you’ve spent a long time searching for emotional warmth. You’re afraid of feelings like sorrow and disappointment, and prefer to stay alone. But, it also means that you’re probably living a beautiful period of your life, you know what you want and what makes you happy. You’re a person with great values, and you appreciate independence and freedom. The treasure you’re searching for is love, both romantic and platonic.

4. Wooden cabin

The decrepit house is your worst nightmare. You’re a generous person and you always look out for others. You’re loyal and honest, but not everyone appreciates it. A house is a symbol of love and security, so to see it in ruins means bankruptcy. The fear of a house means the treasure you want is wealth. You know that to get it, you’re going to have to work hard. But, you mustn’t forget that the people you love don’t really need the material objects, but your love and support.

5. Dark tunnel

Being scared to enter a tunnel means that you need to examine your emotions. You’re smart and emotional. The water indicates that your mind need clearing up, so as to better see and understand your thoughts. You need to stop worrying about the problems, and start seeking for a solution. The treasure you look for is confidence, and to solve your problems you need to express your feelings. You must remember that at the end of the tunnel, things are much clearer.

6. Chained door

The blue door with chains means a couple of things: the color blue is the color of the sky, and it symbolizes stability. You’re productive and you achieve the difficult goals you set. You’re creative and very good at solving problems, because you’re a good leader and you do your best. The treasure you seek out is comfort. You mustn’t devote yourself to work too much, you have to take a rest and enjoy the simpler things in life.
Source: Daily Occupation


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