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Oct 13, 2018

9 Ways Smart People Deal With Toxic People

You probably face various responsibilities, both professional and personal, which sometimes push you close to your limits. So, you should mitigate stressors, which threaten your physical, mental and emotional health.
Like toxins in the environment, negative, toxic people may cause serious harm. But, there’s not any type of “warning”, which educates you on the threats toxic people pose. This means that you should rely on your instincts, judgment, or will to counteract them.
Some are better at dealing with toxic people than others; because they are emotionally intelligent and act adequately.

Here Is How Smart People Handle Toxic People

#1 Smart People Are Self-Aware

Being self-aware is a potent prevention tool that allows smart people to understand, acknowledge, and account for external or internal influences, which threats to “throw them off their game.”

#2 They Are Solution-Oriented

Focusing our mind on problems bring more of them. As it is said: “You attract what you think.” Therefore, smart people try to find a solution to the problem.
Instead of creating negative emotions thinking about toxic people, emotionally intelligent people think about what’s the best way to deal with their toxicity.

#3 They Will Immediately Identify and Neutralize Negative Self-Talk

Even people who are emotionally intelligent are prone to negative self-talk occasionally. Toxic people may induce negative thinking in other people in case they aren’t prepared for such.
But, people who are smart can immediately recognize as well as neutralize negative self-talk.

#4 They Seek a Better Life for Themselves and People They Love

People who are smart people seek a better life for themselves as well as people they love. They’re also aware of the significance of teamwork and mentorship.
When they face with toxic people, they’ll tap into their pool of trust mentors as well as co-workers to rectify the situation.

#5 They Are Emotionally Resilient

When around toxic people it’s not easy to remain emotionally neutral; but, it’s a necessity. Resilience does pay great dividends when dealing with toxic people.

#6 They Forgive But Not Forget

Emotionally intelligent people accept the fact that we are all human beings and we make mistakes. However, we are not created to harm other people.
Therefore, when someone hurts them, they’re quick to forgive and move on with their life. Nevertheless, they never forget it as they want to protect themselves from possible future pain.

#7 They Set Clear Boundaries.

Smart people set effective boundaries to everything that threatens their well-being. They are not available to toxic people 24/7 and are not afraid to say “NO”.
Moreover, emotionally intelligent people defend their boundaries. In this way, they gain more control and toxic people can’t attack them.

#8 They Know How to Manage Their Energy in the Most Effective Way Possible

Toxic people drain the energy of others to thrive, whereas smart people maintain their energy to thrive. Smart people know how to manage their energy in the most effective way possible. They do not let toxic people drain their energy. Instead, they conserve it to take positive actions.

#9 They Deal with Toxic People in a Firm and Polite Manner

Smart people are able to remain effective and productive. They will mitigate any detectable threat, which can affect this ability. When they spot toxic people, they will take effective and swift action.
It does not mean they will be abrasive and rude. They will be firm and polite, yet uncompromising and unambiguous.

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