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Oct 11, 2018

6 Struggles Of People In Toxic Families That Make Them Hard To Find Happiness.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we have a lot more in common with other people than we initially thought we did? In one way or another, we can all find means to relate with one another.
People who come from toxic families often have many things in common even when they don’t realize their homes were toxic in general. Toxic families are a lot harder to deal with than toxic relationships or toxic friendships. The struggles of overcoming this kind of thing are very unique in their own ways. Below I am going to go over some of the things people who come from toxic households tend to have in common with one another. These are struggles I think more people that we might assume can identify with.

6 Struggles People From Toxic Families Share:

6. They might not always be able to understand what they are feeling.

They don’t often understand the way they are feeling and how it should or shouldn’t be. They feel one thing and pretend to be feeling something else. They are not good at letting people in, at all.

5. They let toxic people far too close for comfort.

People who are used to toxic families don’t know much else. They seem to chase toxicity like they’re addicted. They are forever letting toxic people much too close for comfort.

4. They struggle with being confident in all possible ways.

People who are used to being around toxic people often don’t have much confidence. They don’t trust themselves like they should and they are always second guessing their thoughts and ideas. This is because of the things they have been through, they have had their confidence torn down time and time again.

3. They become anxious for no clear reason, quite often.

People who have toxic families tend to be a lot more anxious than the rest of the world. They often cannot identify where their anxiety is coming from but they know it is present. Pinpointing the cause will do people like this a world of good.

2. They struggle to have proper functioning relationships.

People who come from toxic homes tend to really hurt themselves when it comes to friendships and relationships. While some of them are not what you would consider being toxic they are still not properly functioning. They just really struggle with opening up.

1. They have a hard time communicating with people who matter.

People who come from toxic families tend to struggle with really talking things out with the people in their lives. They don’t stand up for themselves and they let everyone walk all over them. Communication is not their strong point.

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