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Oct 13, 2018

4 Phrases Manipulators Use to Make You Think They’re Harmless (And How to Respond)

You may not realize when you are being manipulated, since manipulative people are good at what they do. These people use particular phrases that make them seem like they are totally harmless. Here’re the common phrases manipulators use, as well as how to stop them in their tracks:

#1 “You are acting crazy.”

They want to get into your head as well as make it seem like you do not know what you are talking about. Whenever you try to bring up a problem you have, they’ll usually respond with “You are acting crazy”, or say something similar. These people can also say that you are irrational.
Stay collected and calm. Even though you may get more and more frustrated, you should state your position calmly and clearly and avoid getting caught up in attempting to prove that you are being rational.

#2 “See what you made me do.”

It’s among the most common phrases that manipulators use. It does make them seem like they aren’t in control of their actions. They want you to believe that you’re the reason for their behavior. This phrase may be jarring, in particular if they’ve done something to punish you for a perceived slight against them. They often use this phrase, since it helps them control you by making you hyperconscious of your actions and words.
“I did not make you do anything”. Letting them know that you won’t fall for their tricks is very important. You do not have control over anybody but yourself. Do not allow them to trick you into thinking they do not.

#3 “I am sorry.”

People who try to manipulate often use this phrase. They use this tactic to manipulate you. They’ll apologize without trying to change their behavior. However, as they apologize regularly, it does seem like they are actually trying to be better, even if they aren’t.
“Thank you for apologizing, but I am not ready to forgive you until I notice a change in your behavior.” You can handle them by controlling your boundaries. Saying “No” helps keep you safe when it comes to responding to their manipulation.

#4 “You are overthinking it.”

They use this phrase to make it seem like your concerns are only a figment of your imagination. In case they do something deliberately to upset you, they often say that you are simply ‘overthinking’ it.
They may use this phrase in order to gaslight you. So, you should tell them “I’m thinking clearly, and I want you to respond to my concerns.” You should respond to their manipulation by making them face their actions.
People who try to manipulate you know your weaknesses. They deliberately “create an imbalance of power as well as exploit you to serve their agenda”. They know how to act and know the right phrases to say to make them seem like they are even more innocent. But, knowing how to respond to their manipulative phrases can prevent you from getting caught up in their web.

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