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Oct 10, 2018

3 Types Of People You Should Keep In Your Life

There are two types of people in life; those who come and go, and those who come and stick with you for a long term period, possibly forever. But regardless of the time period they end up spending with you, there’s always a purpose for which they were intended to fulfill.
In fact, even if they appear to be a hindrance to your personal growth, they still have an underlying purpose for redirecting your life to new people or places. In the end, they influence your personal spiritual journey.
So whether they’re going to stick or live, ensure you keep the following 3 types of people:

3 types of people you should keep in your life

1. The mentor

Mentors come in different forms. They could be your teacher, friend, family member or just any other person. The reason why they influence your personal growth in a positive way is because they tend to have wisdom with the universe they’ve lived in, and so they’re passing that knowledge to you.
In most cases, they will be older than you, hence the tremendous amount of experience they pass to you. However, mentors can be your age mates too. Nature sends them your way so they can encourage, support and inspire your journey to personal growth.
It’s worth noting down that your mentor will also learn a few things about you. People always meet their mentors while in a certain state, and somehow, their interaction from that point onwards, transforms the experience from a simple introduction to a full-blown student-mentor relationship.

2. Soulmates

You may call them soulmates, soul tribe or soul family. The 3 terms essentially mean the same thing; people you meet along the way and you immediately feel like you’ve known them before.
These people resonate with you on a deeper soul level. They are a part of you, and you don’t have to be convinced about it.
So the moment you meet them, you will immediately feel a sense of comfort and familiarity. You will feel like you’ve finally re-united with a long lost soul brother, sister, family member, friend etc. It it said that soulmates come from the same star system, which explains the reason you’re feeling so.
Soulmates meet in unexpected places. And when they meet, they immediately establish a deeper sense of connection. So keep your eyes and heart open to such kind of people.

3. The opposite

They show up with a purpose — to remind you of what you need to work on. These people have a tendency of telling the truth like it is — by not sugar coating anything. Other people may call them your counter balance. This is someone who acts like a force that seeks to balance you so you can attain your personal growth goals.
They also have a tendency of strengthening you where you have weaknesses. They will also pick arguments with you more often because they are your opposite force. But you shouldn’t take it too personal.
These people will point it out every time you divert off your true nature. They might even offer insights into how you can improve. However, in most cases, this kind of a relationship will form twin flames, or what they call feminine and masculine energies. Remember, they’re your opposite, so expect a lot of energetic discordance.


Those are the 3 types of people to keep in our lives. It’s never a problem to keep the first two. However, when it comes to the third type of person, you may experience challenges having them around. But you have to keep the 3 to attain goals where your personal growth is concerned.

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