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Oct 12, 2018

25 Man Secrets That All Men Should Be Aware Of. Knowing These Will Save You a Lot Of Trouble.

1. Boxer-briefs are better than boxers or briefs.
2. A steak needs to rest after it comes off the heat for a few minutes before you cut into it for maximum flavor.
3. You can use a rubber band to pull out a stripped screw by placing it in-between the screw and your screwdriver/drill.

4. Confidence is the f**king key to everything. It is also the key to f**king everything.
5. Keeping your fingernails neat and trimmed is a sign of sexual intelligence.
6. A sane 6 is better than a crazy 9.
7. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry.
8. You know that cream that removes leg hair for women? Don’t use that on your balls. Just don’t.
9. Keep a sweater in your car. Your wife/girlfriend/date will be cold at some point in time.
10. She isn’t always right. She will appreciate you sticking up for yourself. Just don’t be a dick about it.

11. Use baby-wipes for wiping. Your life will change.
12. Shower beer. Do it, your life will change.
13. Putting Rogaine on your face every day for a month will not make your beard grow in better/thicker. It will just give you horrible acne.
14. The majority of the time, a woman doesn’t want you to solve her problems when venting to you. Rather she just wants you to listen to said problems/issues.
15. When shaving your Adam’s apple (hi I’m Adam by the way), in order to not cut yourself swallow and hold to make it “flatter’.
16. Treat women like people. Too many guys talk to girls as if they’re goddamn alien race.
17. Beards don’t make you hot in the summer. They make you cool.

18. Don’t touch your genitals after cutting jalapenos. Seriously.
19. Gay men do not automatically fancy you, just because they are gay.
20. You have to wash everywhere. Including where the sun doesn’t shine.
21. Righty tighty, lefty loosey.
22. Compliment a woman on her shoes. It does wonders.
23. If you have a job interview, drive the route to the building the day before, that way you’re comfortable with the route and you wont be searching for the building stressed out.
24. Keep $40 hidden in your wallet. this is for emergencies only. not i-need-to-buy-beer emergencies, but i-need-to-get-home emergencies.
25. You don’t have to get married, even though it seems like that is all everyone is talking about.

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