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Oct 22, 2018

15 Indoor Plants Which You Need Around You For Luck and Prosperity

Indoor plants are not just a great accessory but can also make your life better and help you out with your problems. 

Indoor plants are not just a great accessory but can also make your life better and help you out with your problems.
Did you know that indoor plants are not just a thrifty millennial trend? Or some sort of a hobby. Indoor plants around you can actually bring about some positive changes in your life. Of course, we know plants are vibrant and are a symbol of life and rejuvenation but research has proven that these plants are actually very helpful in lending a positive energy.
If you ever step into a home which has indoor plants around, you will see that the place is lit up with positive vibes and a radiant energy. It doesn't just make your home more hospitable but makes your life better. Here's looking at how certain indoor plants can make you happier.

1Ferns for fun

Ferns are perhaps the most accessible and the most popular indoor plants. Mainly because they are beautiful and are not difficult to manage. Ferns also radiate a strong welcoming vibe. They absorb dangerous toxins from air making your environment safer. Their semi-sharp blades and texture make them a very photogenic addition to your decor too.
Ferns for fun
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2The Feng Shui plant

Did you know that the Feng Shui money plant can be the reason for your prosperity? People believe this indoor plant brings in wealth and material success. Their leaves symbolize the five basic elements water, fire, metal, wood and earth. Experts have said that you also need to pick the right spot to place a money plant when you are keeping them indoors. Some people even decorate the money plant with lucky Chinese gold coins.
The Feng Shui plant
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3Is bamboo lucky?

Bamboo is considered to be a lucky charm since ancient times. In fact, bamboo in small cylindrical jars make for incredible gifts at small celebrations. Bamboo brings about peace and luck. In fact, people believe the more bamboo you have around you, the more prosperous you will grow to be. In a way, they believe that each stalk of bamboo stands for the amount of luck you will get.
Is bamboo lucky?
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4The lotus flower

The lotus flower is not just the most beautiful but also the luckiest indoor plant you can have around you. The lotus is a very significant symbol in Buddhism and it stands for rejuvenation and enlightenment. The lotus lends a very positive and welcoming vibe to your home, and obviously makes for a stunning decor accessory.
The lotus flower
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5Sage is a multi-tasker

You must have heard about sage’s aromatic qualities. People often burn some sage as it acts as a perfume and lends a breezy smell to their homes. People also keep sage in pots around their home as it is known to ward off evil forces. So, if you do believe in negative energies, you might try it out. Inhaling sage is also very healthy.
Sage is a multi-tasker
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6Lilies are wonderful

Lilies are some of the prettiest flowers in the world, and it makes for some great decor. You can possibly find fake potted white lilies in some retail stores. But growing lilies is a great way to give your living room a good look. Lilies are the symbols of peace and harmony. Do you know lilies also improve air quality, and can cure asthma and headaches?
Lilies are wonderful
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7Jasmines are fantastic

Jasmines have the most divine smell in the world. The flower’s aromatic qualities are known for curing stress and anxiety. You can just pick up your potted jasmines after a long day’s work and smell it for a while. You will notice you feel substantially better. Jasmine also brings about new friendships and love in your life. And they obviously make for a stunning accessory to your living room. If you have a home with minimal aesthetic, you might want to decorate it with jasmine, as it would make for a unique interior.
Jasmines are fantastic
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8What does a spider plant do?

The spider plant’s name is as interesting as its appearance. It is a great plant to spruce up your basic decor and it has many benefits. It is thought to bring good luck and a very strong vibe of positive energy in your home. It also improves the air quality in your home. For best results, place the spider plant in a pot and put it by the living room and kitchen. Spider plants also look amazing when they are hung, as they cascade down the pots, so if you put a few spider plants on hanging tubs in a row, it might end up looking like a mini hanging garden in your balcony or roof.
8/small>What does a spider plant do?
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9Lavender is a multi-tasker

Lavender is an instant mood lifter and is of course, the most stunning indoor plant you can have in your living room. Putting a lavender in your room will energize the spirit in your home almost immediately. Lavender has a natural perfume which is pretty strong. If you have potted lavender in your living room, you may as well ditch the air freshner. Lavender can also really complement the colour palette in your home, as you can just put a pot of lavender at the centre of the room. Lavender also encourages health and good luck. Lavender also looks the best in antique pots.
Lavender is a multi-tasker
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10Rosemary is the most pleasant

Rosemary has a pleasant and strong smell, and even if you put a single potted rosemary in your drawing room, your home will smell fresh the entire day. Rosemary is also very pretty to look at and is a very low-key accessory if you have a home with too much decor around it. The best part of the rosemary is that it can fit in with any form of decor owing to its subtle look. Rosemary is also an antioxidant and has anti-bacterial properties. It helps you deal with stress and reduces anxiety.
Rosemary is the most pleasant
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11Orchids need to be taken care of

Orchids can be the best indoor plants but they need to be maintained regularly. Make sure that if you have an orchid in your home, you water-spray it everyday. Orchids are gorgeous, and come in a range of variations. In fact, you can decorate your home with colourful orchids which can align with the colour scheme of your home. But do not place them in a dry place, or any spot with too much sun. Orchids bring about creativity and good energy.
Orchids need to be taken care of
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12Do you know about miniature roses?

When people talk about indoor plants, they often forget about miniature roses. They are perhaps the smartest options when it comes to potted plants. Miniature roses are better than actual roses at times, as they can be placed anywhere and are easier to care for. Miniature roses have healing properties. They not only encourage happiness but also help in dealing with anxiety and skin issues as they are anti-inflammatory.
Do you know about miniature roses?
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13The lemon tree is pretty

The lemon tree requires a lot of work and maintenance if you want to sustain them. Lemon trees are extremely photogenic and make for a great living room prop. People often use fake lemon trees, but natural lemon trees are a much better option. They also bring in happiness and harmony in your home. The best place to put a lemon tree is indoors by a window where it can get adequate sunlight.
The lemon tree is pretty
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14Jade plant is very helpful

Did you know that the jade plant is often referred to as the friendship tree? It is thought to bring about renewal of personal bonds. The thick branches of the plant are a symbol of growth and renewal. In fact for immediate results, place the plant where you sit or hang out, so that it works right.
Jade plant is very helpful
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15Morning glory is powerful

Not only is morning glory the prettiest and the most vibrant indoor plant you can have, it is also very helpful. Morning glory promotes happiness and peace in your home, and if you place a petal of morning glory under your pillow at night, it is believed that it wards off nightmares.
Morning glory is powerful
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