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Oct 16, 2018

14 Easy Hacks to Get Rid of Rats From Your Home

Does your home have a rat problem? And are you out of cheap ways to get rid of them? Here are some ways you can easily get rid of mice without spending too much. 

Does your home have a rat problem? And are you out of cheap ways to get rid of them? Here are some ways you can easily get rid of mice without spending too much.

No matter where you live, at some point you've had to go face the rat problem in your home. It doesn't matter if we live in duplexes or studio apartments or dorms, mice seem to find their way into our homes. And at times their invasion turns into a real estate issue. We often see apartments we'd like to own, but can't do so as they are infested with rats. There are of course ways of getting rid of them but who's to say there aren't more when they came from?
Instead of worrying about the creatures it is possible to keep them away altogether. This way you opt for a more permanent solution and that too, on very moderate costs. So how can we keep the mice away from our homes?

1Baking soda is the easy way out

You perhaps know that baking soda is the multi-tasker of the pest control world. It can help with anything and it can help with mice too. Turns out mice despise the strong smell of baking soda and what you can do is sprinkle some soda where you locate move droppings. So you'll know from where they pass through and you will notice the results. But do keep the baking soda away from your other pets as it can lead to toxic results.
Baking soda
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2Can we use animal waste?

You'll see some stores sell waste of animals like snakes or fox. Did you know that they fix urine can also ball get rid of mice? They are processed in a way that makes them safe for regular use. You need to take some portion of the waste and sprinkle it where you know the mice lives or passes.
Baking soda is the easy way out
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3Mouse traps work too

If you think mouse traps are too dated you might be right. Nevertheless they do work and has been fetching results since the archaic times. Since mice don't get very far you only need a few rat traps and you should be able to stop them in a day or two. Instead of cheese you can also put in chocolate or sweet bread spread on the trap.
Can we use animal waste?
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4Pay attention to leaks

Like any living being, mice require a steady supply of food and water to sustain. It can feed off small insects or other residual food particles from a small room but it also needs water which is harder to come by. They don't use taps and will move towards a water source that's leaking or dripping. Check your leaky faucets and fix them. Especially the ones near the rooms in which the mice live. You are essentially cutting off their water supply and they will have to move out.
Mouse traps work too
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5Peppermint oil works too

Peppermint oil has a very strong smell and naturally mice do not like that. It comes very handy in getting rid of rats in small homes. Especially since Peppermint oil is so easily accessible and also cheap. Take a cotton ball or a few and dip them in the oil. Place the cotton balls in the area where the mice usually resides. If it's a big room or an office space line up the corners with the cotton balls and it should work pretty fast. But do remember to replace the balls every couple of days to keep the Peppermint smell strong.
Peppermint oil
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6Is your home safe?

Mice don't always live in rooms. Sometimes they would burrow at the foundation of your building or in holes in the construction of the ground. Check the base of your floor every now to see if you have a mice problem. Also, get rid of the accumulated junk and most definitely do not put them together outside. Mice tend to get attracted to old, dusty things especially those which gives them plenty of space to hide.
Peppermint oil works too
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7How does kitty litter work?

Do you know kitty litter also keeps rats away? Yes mainly because it has a very powerful and pungent smell and rats do not come close to it. Mice usually hide in a convenient spot where there is enough stuff to let them stay undisturbed. But the kitty litter will bring them out of hiding. Also it walks off the mice that there are cats in the area and they will steer clear or move.
Is your home safe?
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8Take care of the holes

Mice usually need a hollowed out space to live and rest and spend most of their time in it. Many of our homes have holes or crevice in the floors or walls where the mice can conveniently take shelter. Make sure you cover up all the holes in your house. You can use copper mesh or steel wool if you want a temporary fix. But for a more permanent solution use cement or plaster of Paris to block the mice holes.
How does kitty litter work?
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9Here's why you should avoid poison

Most people still use rat poison to get rid of mice as it's so handy and easily accessible. But this method has a lot of problems. The poison which you leave lying around the house may end up killing your pets. Also rats do not immediately die if they consume poison. It's much easier to get them to move away instead of killing them. If your poisoning really works the rats will not immediately succumb to it and they may take a while to perish. You will also have to find where their corpses are as they start to rot and smell.
Take care of the holes
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10Do cloves work?

Cloves are a kitchen staple and they help hugely in getting rid of mice. Rats cannot be near cloves mainly owing to their strong smell. Here's what you can do: Ground some clove and sprinkle in heavily hear their holes or whatever they live. In this case you need to put in fresh cloves every other day until the job is done. You can also take a small mesh bag, fill it with cloves and put it near the rats.
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11Maybe get a cat?

The easiest and the cutest way you can get rid of rats is obviously getting a pet cat and keeping it in your house. The thing is, cats are not very expensive to sustain and they make for great pets. Cats obviously scare the mice away, and you probably won’t see any rats if you have a cat or two around. Then again, do not get a cat solely to chase away rats from your home, especially if you are not a cat lover, or have no idea how to deal with pets. But if you did have cats at home, rats would be less likely to make their homes at your place.
Do cloves work?
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12Do moth balls work?

A lot has been said on whether mothballs really work in getting rid of mice. They are small balls made of chemical pesticide which are stored in wardrobes and in between clothes and expensive fabrics to keep moth away. They also work on rodents, and have a very strong smell. Needless to say, it can chase the rats away. But it is not known if it can actually get rid of them for good. Nevertheless, you can keep some moth balls where you know mice live in your home.
Maybe get a cat?
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13Dryer sheets are an option too

Dryers sheers can repel rats too. They, too, have a very strong smell, and keep rats away. Here’s what you do: Take a few dryer sheets and locate the areas infested with mice. Wipe the floor or windows near the area and repeat it twice. Remember the stronger the scent you leave, the better it will work. Also, line up the window panes and floors with the sheets for good results.
Do moth balls work?
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14No edibles

Rats are attracted by food. They need a steady supply of food and water to survive and remember if they keep finding crumbs on floors and couches they will never leave. Also, we often ignore the crumbs on our beds and tables. Make sure you have no edibles lying around. You can do that by making sure all surfaces of your home get a thorough cleaning. If you have a pantry, make sure the foods and liquids are stored in airtight containers, and if possible clean out the surface of the cans by wiping the grease off them.
Dryer sheets are an option too
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