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Oct 5, 2018

10 Things Men Like In Women More Than Good Looks

This one is for the gentlemen, guys who truly care for the women they’re with and their looks don’t really mean much to them. It’s a common misconception about men that they care more about the looks, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t care about the looks at first? We all do. But what matters is that we don’t stay too attached to the looks and give other things more importance, things that should matter more and do matter more. Here are ten things men like in women more than good looks, let’s begin.

1. When they’re independent

I love it when a woman is self sufficient and independent. A lot of people I know actually feel insecure about this but I am proud of this one fact, it’s a huge turn on for me when a woman is successful in what she’s doing, when she’s ambitious, when she just wants to keep moving forward and keeps accomplishing her goals. My girlfriend is the same and when I see her talk about work, I feel a sudden spark of pride within me.

2. When they’re emotional

I’m the sentimental type and I love it when she gets all emotional about me or our relationship. Whenever I do something for her, she gets these emotional moments when she just goes on and on about how much I do for her and I cherish her emotions more than her looks. Men love it when a woman can be expressive about her feelings completely.

3. When they actually enjoy their food

I love it when a girl knows how to eat! I used to date this girl who used to be extra dainty and sophisticated at every lunch and dinner, she used to leave most of her food behind because she was “watching her diet” calorie by calorie. It’s a huge turn off for me when women do that, women should know how to eat, without caring about anyone watching. My girlfriend and I actually fight over food sometimes and it’s something I love about my relationship with her, she’s not nice when it comes to food and I love that about her.

4. Their ambitions

If the guy truly loves you, he’ll always pay a lot of attention to your goals and ambitions. He won’t just be flattered by your looks, he will love you for who you hope to be one day, for what you hope to accomplish one day, he will love you for all of your hopes and dreams and he will try his best to help you reach those goals with all of his heart and soul.

5. The food

Men will be men, food will always be a weakness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people who think women should be the ones in the kitchen, no. I sometimes try to cook, although I fail horribly at it but I still try. But the way she cooks is something I admire a lot, I would happily stay home and eat her cooking rather than go out to any fancy restaurant, she’s an amazing cook and I admire that a lot about her. Men love food, men love women who can make good food, it’s not all about good looks.

6. Their sense of humour

Not everything needs to be serious between the two of you. As much as you want to get into a serious relationship, you shouldn’t be serious all the time. Be humorous and easy-going. Know when to joke and when to be serious. Men want to laugh, and will get closer to you if you make them do it.

7. When they’re good listeners

Men admire it when their women actually listen to what they’re saying and don’t just nod their heads without paying attention to the conversation. Everybody needs someone to talk to, about their days, about their life, about work, so many things happen and so many events unfold everyday and we all need someone to talk to about it all. For me, my day doesn’t feel right unless I call my girlfriend up and tell her how it went, and it makes me feel complete when she actually pays attention to every word I say.

8. Their trust

Trust in a relationship is everything. Lying to your man makes it hard for him to trust you. You might think the lie is small and harmless, but with time, it breaks down the trust that exists between the two of you. Lack of trust also builds a wall between you and that engagement ring. Make sure you keep all your interactions open and honest. Don’t hide things from him, because one day he might find out and the relationship goes down the drain.

9. Their time

I cherish every second I spend with my girlfriend because it’s not easy for her to take time out from her studies etc. But she still takes out ample amount of time for me so that I never feel like I’m being ignored, she’s even met me during her exams even though she still had a lot to study, so I cherish every moment she’s with me. Men love it when their women devote their time to them, because time is one of the most priceless gifts you can give to someone.

10. Their support

As much as society expects men to be strong, time comes when a man needs a soft place to land. When times are rough, a man is looking for someone to lean on. They expect you to be there for them when times become hard. You need to be a good listener and easy to talk to. However, don’t be too supportive to remind him too much of his mother.

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