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Oct 1, 2018

10 Things All Over-Thinkers Will Understand

People who are constantly thinking about every single detail of their life might seem weird to others. The so-called overthinkers, the ones who are always worrying and getting anxious about everything. Don’t get them wrong; they’re beautiful and bright guys. Overthinking is a bad habit, but it can also become really useful.
The following ten facts about overthinkers will make you change your mind about them. However, if you are of them, which means you’re also an overthinker, then you will totally relate to this post, just like I did. Don’t forget to like and share!

1. It’s really difficult to live in the moment.

Living in the moment can be nearly impossible for someone who breaks down each moment and finds themselves thinking about a particular issue relentlessly. Instead, you are wondering what is going to happen next or worrying about a past event than just to relax and enjoy the moment.

2. We cannot let anything go.

That’s because we are convinced that if we just run over the details a few more times, we’ll finally uncover some new understanding of the situation or it will somehow change the outcome.

3. We know relationships can be challenging.

Dealing with others is tough. Because most times they will never meet our expectations and indeed we do take their actions too seriously. Even if it was a merely innocent remark, we put added meaning to it, and we form more than a million explanations around it.

4. Social media is not really our thing.

Not only are we afraid no one will like our Insta-post, but just the concept of taking a decent pic, choosing the right filter and concocting the perfect caption is a hassle in and of itself, which explains why our last post was 38 weeks ago.

5. We can’t sleep at night if we make “wrong” choices.

Oh, it’s damn vital to choose the right shampoo, cookie, parking spot, boyfriend, girlfriend, or pair of socks. Every choice feels substantial. Something major could happen if you buy the wrong pair of gym shorts, you know? Actually, nothing will happen if you buy the supposedly wrong pair of gym shorts, except you will obsess over whether or not you bought the right pair.

6. We’re not insecure control freaks, we just think. A lot.

I mean you don’t have to call us back right away when you’re out, but just know that our mind is playing out a bunch of horrible scenarios in which you’ve cheated. Or died. That’s right, if we reach your voicemail, we can’t help but consider that you might not be alive.

7. We have too many alarms for the morning.

Punctuality is one of those undervalued traits, along with always having the right change for the bus and somehow managing to keep your music volume low when you’re listening to your iPod in public spaces. For an over-thinker, generally, they try to be punctual and a permanent fifteen minutes early. This usually means having an alarm clock, or several alarms set up on your phone. However, an over thinker can sometimes prepare too much. They consider every potential scenario that could make them late or make their schedules run to anything but on time.

8. We have high expectations.

We’re hard on themselves because we always want to put our best foot forward. We expect a lot of others also because we give so much of ourselves. Overthinking leads to higher standards and higher expectations.

9. We’re indecisive.

Trying to figure out the perfect thing to say or write or post can be the hardest thing for us. We will write something perfect, then re-write it, and then re-write it, simply because we keep finding things wrong with what we’re trying to say.

10. When we’re sorry, we’re really sorry.

We’re not ones to enjoy hurting other people’s feelings. If we get into a fight with a friend or loved one, we’ll eventually break down the fight into each and every little detail so as to understand the battle from both sides. We’re sorry, and we hope you accept the apology because we won’t forget about it anytime soon.

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