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Oct 13, 2018

10 Signs You’ve Found A Gentleman

Unfortunately, having manners and behaving nicely is not that popular among young men anymore. There was a time when chivalry was in style and gentlemen were respected the most.
Nowadays, most young men seem to be rude, impatient and arrogant. The idea of being gentlemen is going to extinct soon if we do not start to appreciate the guys, who treat us nicely. It is important to make the others understand that it is not okay to mistreat a girl.

Here are 10 signs that your man is a gentleman:

He always speaks the truth

A gentleman always tells the truth. He does not scheme nor plays games, but he is honest about his intentions. A gentleman takes responsibility for his actions, even if he is not proud of them. One can always trust a gentleman.

He stands up for others

A true gentleman isn’t afraid of thugs who abuse others. Gentlemen are brave men who will stand up for others and even take a bullet for the people they love.

He keeps his $.*.xual adventures private

A gentleman knows when to keep his mouth shut and making love with your girlfriend or wife is precisely one of those private things, you should not speak about to your friends. Having s*x is a very intimate and personal thing that one should only share with their partner, not everyone they know. Being quiet about this stuff shows respect for the partner and himself.

He keeps his word

Gentlemen are always men of their word. Whenever he promises something, he will make sure he keeps it, which is refreshing, considering the men we often meet today.

He always finds a way to make you feel like a priority

A gentleman will never make you feel like you are a mere option, hobby, or pastime. He is always going to make a concerted effort to make you feel like a priority. He will always do his part in making you feel like you come before other aspects of his life. You would never have to feel shy about asking more time or effort from him.

He is kind

A gentleman does not let his ego get in the way. Even when someone is rude or offensive, he does not lose his temper. Being kind to everyone and taking the high road is always more difficult, but a more mature thing to do. He does not need to prove anything to anyone, and that’s why he never gets himself in fights.

He never stops trying to learn

A gentleman is a disciplined student. He knows that life is a journey of growth and development. And he’s always going to put in the effort to trying to learn as much as he can. He isn’t content with staying where he is. A gentleman is always going to try to pick up as much as he can as he makes his way through this world.

He makes an effort to make life easier for those around him

A gentleman isn’t selfish at all. He knows that he isn’t entitled to anything he doesn’t deserve. Always stays mindful of the needs and feelings of those who are around him. He doesn’t act as if he’s the center of the universe. And he doesn’t want to be an inconvenience to those who are around him.

He says please and thank you

As mentioned above, he is kind to everyone. When he is in a grocery store, he does not forget to greet the salesman and say “thank you” to him. Or when you bring him something unexpected, he always makes sure you know that he appreciates it much. A gentleman does not take anything for granted and is grateful for everything he has and gets.
So, is your man a gentleman? Share your thoughts with us!

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