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Oct 28, 2018

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Mess With An Empath, Ever

Empaths are truly gifted people in many ways. They are masters of reading body language and have no trouble reading your mind too. They innately know what you are thinking but not telling, even if you are not aware of it.
It is a rare gift which makes them what they are – empaths. They sense the feelings of others as their own which makes them great listeners and trouble-solvers.
Empaths have one rare trait that makes them even more powerful – these people are experts in human psychology. They need just one look towards a person and they can tell immediately if that person is a liar, faker, or evil, so they can protect themselves before hand.

Below are 10 reasons why you should not ever get involved with an empath if you can’t handle their intense personality.

They are natural lie-detectors

This is often considered to be the most powerful gift that empaths have been blessed with. If someone lies to an empath, they will almost never get away with it. Empaths have many internal alarm signals for detecting lies.
Empaths have an innate ability to sense dishonesty and discomfort. Whether it is a big circle of lies or a harmless white-lie, the empath will always sense it.

They can sense jealousy

This means that the more you try to hide your envy, the more an empath will know that it exists. What’s more, they’ll probably be too kind to let you know that they know—so your conversation or friendship could rapidly turn into something meaningless and hollow.

You cannot fool them

As we said before, empaths perceive other people’s feelings, so there is no way you can fool them. They know a faker once they see it. When they sense that something is not right with a person, they just distance themselves as prevention.

They can sense hatred

Similar to the Jedi, empaths can also sense when someone is hiding their jealousy or hatred. If you pretend to be a friend with an empath, they won’t fall for it.
Empaths can tell when your feelings are changing.

They see your prejudices

Prejudice is a form of hatred, so empaths can detect these feelings and emotions from miles away as well. However, sometimes the offending individuals don’t realize they’re prejudice—so if you notice that all empaths flee from you, you might want to take stock of your morals and beliefs.

They know when you are not okay

I think everyone is familiar, or had a conversation when someone asked you if you were okay, and you said you were okay, even if deep down you were not. Maybe you wanted to hide your emotions in order to not have to explain why you are distressed, but an empath will know that you lied. And, they will ask why are you feeling that way and will offer you a listening ear and will try everything they can to help you.

They hate insincere flattery

There’s no need to flatter an empath in order to gain their help or approval—if you are a genuine person. But by the same token, if you do attempt to flatter them disingenuously then you’ll probably lose their respect forever.

They know when someone is on the wrong path

If you are lucky to have an empath as a friend, and they are trying to warn you about something that you are doing – listen to them. If they feel that something doesn’t add up, or feels strange to them – it is. Their intuition is so developed that they get this feeling usually when something is wrong.

They know when you pretend to be someone you are not

People act fake for many reasons. Most people are not trying to be malicious, they just don’t feel comfortable with where they are at in life. They’re hiding behind a fake identity because they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin.
Empaths can see that you are struggling to reach your true potential and want to help.

They can identify exploitation

Empaths are not naïve. They can see when someone is using them. They don’t tolerate any form of exploitation. If they see they are being used – they remove themselves quickly from the situation.

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