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Sep 10, 2018

Where Do You Keep Your Cell Phone? Stop Now— The Consequences Could Be Deadly!

If you are still questioning the claims that cell phones have a huge impact on our health, you should find some time and listen to the video from the Environmental Health Trust (, in which Dr. Devra Davis, author of “Disconnect–The Truth About Cellphone Radiation,” reveals her own findings regarding the safety hazards of radiation emanating from these gadgets.
She was also suspicious about the claims that cell phones detrimentally affect our health until she started studying the matter. Now, she is trying her best to inform the public about the toxicological and epidemiological evidence to back up the fact that cell phones can, in fact, be lethal.
She explains that the biological impact of mobile phones is linked to the erratic nature of their signal and the ability to disrupt resonance and interfere with DNA repair.
The case of a young woman who developed multi-focal breast cancer without having any predisposing risk factors for this disease illustrates the potential effects of cell phones. Her case was revealed in the May issue of the Environmental Health Trust’s newsletter.
Namely, she has a routine of tucking her cell phone into her bra. According to a team of cancer specialists, Robert Nagourney and John West, her breast cancer could not be a result of any other factor than this habit.
They said: “We connected the dots”, and this was quite literally the case, as the pattern of cancer, and distribution of the cancerous cells―lined up perfectly with the shape of her cell phone.
This should serve as a warning to all those who keep their phones in the pants pocket, shirt pockets, and anywhere close to the body, as the most dangerous place when it comes to radiation exposure is within about six inches of the emitting antenna.
Certain areas are more prone to this exposure, but the continuous radiation harms the entire body in general.
According to the findings of a research published in 2009, wearing a cell phone on the hip may weaken the pelvic area. Researchers used an X-ray technique to diagnose and monitor the condition of patients with osteoporosis, measuring the pelvic bone density in 150 men who regularly carried their cell phones attached to their belts, for about 5 hours daily, for 6 years.
They found that the bone mineral density was reduced on the side of the pelvis where they carried the mobile phones.
You should remember that the mobile phone emits radiation as long as it is turned on, not only when you use it.
Furthermore, it was previously found that cell phone radiation can affect men’s sperm count, its quality, and motility. According to a study published in PLoS One,:
“RF-EMR in both the power density and frequency range of mobile phones enhances mitochondrial reactive oxygen species generation by human spermatozoa, decreasing the motility and vitality of these cells while stimulating DNA base adduct formation and, ultimately DNA fragmentation.
These findings have clear implications for the safety of extensive mobile phone use by males of reproductive age, potentially affecting both their fertility and the health and well-being of their offspring.”
Men, in particular, should avoid carrying the cell phone on the belt or in the pocket, where it is near their reproductive organs like the colon, bladder, kidneys, and liver.
Recent evidence confirmed the close link between cell phones and cancer
An Israeli research group reported a sharp rise in the incidence of parotid gland tumors in the last three decades, with the steepest rise being after 2001.
The parotid gland is a type of salivary gland, located near the cheek –where most people usually hold the mobile phones. They discovered a four-fold rise in the cases of parotid gland cancer from 1970 to 2006, while rates of other salivary gland cancers remained stable.
Dr. Siegal Sadetzki, the principal investigator of a 2008 study, at a U.S. Senate Hearing, testified that mobile phones contribute to salivary gland tumors, and the risk of developing this tumor on the same side of the head that you use for listening to the phone raises by:
  • 34 percent if you use your cell phone regularly, and own it for 5 years.
  • 58 percent if you had more than about 5,500 calls in your lifetime.
  • 49 percent if you have spoken on it for more than 266.3 hours during your lifetime.
Numbers show that even 87 percent of the world population owns a cell phone, and as the percentage grows, researchers are speaking out against modern technology and its serious biological side effects.
These warnings are slowly becoming acknowledges. Thus, on May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO)/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) issued a report confirming that mobile phones might lead to cancer and classified the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (Class 2B).

The press release stated:

“Dr. Jonathan Samet (University of Southern California, USA), overall Chairman of the Working Group, indicated that “the evidence, while still accumulating, is strong enough to support a conclusion and the 2B classification.
The conclusion means that there could be some risk, and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer risk.”

According to IARC Director Christopher Wild,

“Given the potential consequences for public health of this classification and findings, it is important that additional research be conducted into the long‐term, heavy use of mobile phones.
Pending the availability of such information, it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands‐free devices or texting.”
Unfortunately, the children and teenagers are at greatest risk for brain tumors and parotid gland tumors, since their thinner skull bones are more prone to the penetration of cell phone radiation, which enters into their midbrain, where tumors are more deadly.
Also, their cells reproduce more quickly, so they are more vulnerable to aggressive cell growth. Moreover, children have a far greater lifetime exposure.
Professor Lennart Hardell of Sweden claims that people who have started to use cell phones as teenagers have 4 to 5 times higher risk of brain cancer as young adults!
Furthermore, cell phones should also be avoided during pregnancy. In 2008, researchers analyzed data from 13,000 children and discovered that the exposure to mobile phones while in the womb, and also during childhood, led to behavioral difficulties.
The use of handsets just two or three times daily during pregnancy increased the risk of hyperactivity and difficulties with conduct, emotions, and relationships by the time their babies reached school age – and this risk was even increased if the children used cell phones themselves before the age of seven.
Researchers found that mothers who used mobile phones have a 54 percent higher risk to have children with behavioral problems, and when the children start using cell phones, they:
  • Had a 25 percent higher risk of emotional problems
  • A 34 percent higher risk of suffering from difficulties relating to their peers
  • A 35 percent higher risk of hyperactivity
  • Were 49 percent more prone to problems with conduct
  • Had an 80 percent higher risk of suffering from behavioral difficulties
According to experts in the area of the biological effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and wireless technologies, there is no doubt that cell phones and related gadgets lead to cancer and various other conditions, like diabetes, depression, heart irregularities and impaired fertility.
They have found many ways in which the electromagnetic fields affect our cells and damage our DNA.
Dr. Martin Blank, PhD, an experienced researchers of the cellular and molecular effects of electromagnetic fields, in his informative speech at the November 18, 2010 Commonwealth Club of California program, “The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields,” co-sponsored by, explained the reason why the DNA, with its ‘coil of coils’ structure, is particularly prone to electromagnetic fields of all kinds.
It has the two structural characteristics of fractal antennas: electronic conduction, and self-symmetry, which lead to greater reactivity to electromagnetic fields than other tissues.
He warns that the negative effects are proven, peer-reviewed, published, evaluated, and judged, and they are disastrous.
In November 2010, “Non-Thermal Effects and Mechanisms of Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter” published an analysis of the mechanisms of action.
Moreover, the research by the mobile industry in the 13-country Interphone study found that the use of cell phones for 1,60or more hours led to a 40 percent increased risk of brain cancer.
In addition, an independent Swedish research published in 2007 found that 2,000 hours of use of cell phones led to a 540 percent increased risk of brain cancer.
Yet, it is a fact that the telecommunication industry is extremely powerful, so they make numerous attempts to discredit researchers who publish unfavorable cell phone studies.
A review by Dr. Lai in 2008 stated that the chance that an industry-funded study will find “no effect” is two to three times higher, while independently-funded studies into the health effects of mobile technology are twice as likely to find a positive result.
Therefore, you should become aware of the fact that the link between cell phones and various health issues, such as cancer, has been scientifically proven by numerous studies, so you should start protecting yourself and your family.
The following tips will help you minimize the exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices:
Children Should Always Avoid Using Cell Phones: You children should never use your cell phone or other wireless devices.
Limit the Cell Phone Use: You should turn your cell phone off every time you are not using it. As we said previously, it emits radiation as long as it is on.
Use a Land Line at Home and at Work: Choose a land line from your computer at home to limit the use of cell phones. Also, Skype offers a portable number via your computer that can plug into any Ethernet port when you are on a trip.
Use the Cell Phone Only Where Reception is Good: Make sure you use your phone only where the reception is good, as it uses more power when the repletion is weak, and this means it emits more radiation.
Do not carry it on the body – This maximizes the potential exposure, so carry your cell phone in a purse or bag.
Keep Your Cell Phone Away From Your Body When it is On: Make sure you are always away from the cell phone when it is turned on, as the most dangerous place is within about six inches of the emitting antenna.
Limit or Eliminate Your Use of Other Wireless Devices: Just like cell phones, other wireless devices around you pose the same health risks. Remember to never keep such a device in your bedroom, as it might affect your sleep.
In case you must use a portable home phone, pick the older variant that operates at 900 MHz. In order to be sure that you and your family are safe, measure with an electrosmog meter that goes up to the frequency of your portable phone.
For best results, choose meters that go up to 8 Gigahertz, the highest range currently available. Also, the base station placement transmits signals 24/7, so it should be placed at least three rooms away from the room where you and your family spend most of your time.
Yet, it will be ideal if you turn the base station off every night before you go to bed.
Your Cell Phone is not Safer than Another: There are no “safe” cell phones, as they all emit radiation. The industry promoted SAR ratings are useless as they evaluate the potential biological danger by heat transfer, which is not the way most damage is done.
Use Safer Headset Technology: Wired headsets are placed farther than our bodies, but in most cases, they are not well-shielded, so the wire itself serves as an antenna, and attracts ambient radio waves and transmits radiation directly to the brain.
Therefore, your best option is a combination of a shielded wire and air-tube headset, which operates by transmitting the information to the head as an actual sound wave.
Respect Others: Your cell phone should be turned off whenever you are in the same room with other people, at work, in the office, at a meeting, at the cinema, at the doctor’s, on public transportation, and in all public places.
Make sure it is always turned off when with children, as they are the most vulnerable to the radiation.

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