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Sep 11, 2018

What You See First Will Reveal Who You Actually Were In Your Past Life

If you believe in reincarnation then you’ve probably wondered who you may have been in your past lives. What kind of identities and existences do you imagine you led? Were you a powerful member of royalty, perhaps even the wise king or beloved queen of some ancient, exotic kingdom. Or maybe you were a brave warrior who battled through life and managed to overcome insurmountable odds in order to survive!
Regardless of the type of life you led in the past, there are clues in your present one that can help to uncover and explore who you were in another life. These hints are buried deep within our subconscious, where they’ve been continuously repressed and locked away, but not for much longer!
This visual image quiz is specifically designed to draw out the traces that remain of your strongest past existence. What your eyes, brain, and mind perceive first is analyzed to determine who you most likely were in one of your past lives.
So if you wish to find out what your picture choice say about your past life, try it out.
What did you see first?

If you see:
1. Old couple’s faces in profile: Queen
You were a queen! You were a powerful and enchanting queen in your past life! You were seductive, romantic, strong, determined, and a true lover of the arts. You were admired by your kingdom and relentlessly pursued by the all the men (and even the ladies!) of your realm. Your beauty still shines through in this life and it’s clear to all who know you that you’re royalty at heart. You are irresistible and draw all of your lovers like moths to a flame.
2. Two men singing: King
You were a King! You were a powerful and benevolent King in your past life. You were the stuff that legends are made of, a King that went down in the annals of history for generations! You were well loved and knew no limits to your power and influence. While you once saw the world as a kingdom, you must now adjust your thinking. Meditate on seeing the world as a brotherhood of equals, and your inner King will shine through naturally without sucking up all energy in the room.
3. A goblet: Warrior
You were a warrior in your past life! You’re strong, determined, dedicated, and willing to sacrifice for what you believe in. Your past life was very difficult and full of struggle, but you were incredibly courageous and achieved a great deal. There’s a fire within you that will take you far in life. You may have had some rough patches already in this life, but rely on your inner warrior because nothing can stop you!

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